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Delhi Caste Certificate


Delhi Caste Certificate

Caste certificate is an important legal document that validates that a person belongs to a particular religion, community and caste. Citizens of Delhi can obtain a caste certificate to avail of the numerous kinds of facilities offered by the Governments that are targeted at a specific category of persons. Caste certificate is predominantly obtained by persons of reserved categories such as Schedule Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) to establish their candidature. In this article, we look at the process of obtaining Delhi caste certificate in detail.

Purpose of Obtaining Caste Certificate

As disclosed above, caste certificate principally helps peoples who belong to the reserved categories such as scheduled castes and scheduled tribes to accommodate below-mentioned benefits:

  • Caste certificate has to be submitted to get the reservation of seats in the Legislatures
  • Caste certificate is one of the crucial document to get the reservation in Government Service
  • This certificate is obligatory for Waiving off the fees for admission to schools or colleges
  • This document may be needed to get quotas in educational institutions.
  • Applying for Government jobs, this certificate is mandatory to get the age relaxation
  • Students to get particular scholarships sponsored by the Government
  • For receiving Government subsidies, caste certificate is compulsory For applying certain schemes provided by the Governments

To avail these privileges, the citizen of Delhi who is belonging to SC/ST/OBC has to have a valid caste certificate.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to get Delhi caste certificate is in detail below:

  • Delhi caste certificate will be provided to a person who is a resident of Delhi, i.e. any citizen whose birthplace or parents belongs to the jurisdiction of the Government of Delhi
  • OBC certificate will be issued to residents of Delhi since 1993.

Documents Required

Documents Required for SC/ST Certificate

Furnish the following documents along with the application form to get SC/ST certificate in Delhi:

  • Application Form
  • Aadhaar Number, if it is not available, provides anyone identity proof such as PAN or Passport or Driving Licence or Voters Card
  • Copy of SC/ST certificate of father, sister, brother or of his/her blood relative from the paternal side.
  • Self-declaration in case of SC/ST certificate issued from outside Delhi in prescribed Performa rate (If the children are below the 18 years, a self-declaration from the major have to be produced)
  • Marriage Certificate for married women
  • Present residential proof like Voters Card, Water Bill, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill etc.
  • Proof of Date of Birth (School certificate or Birth certificate or passport)

Note: If SC/ST certificate of a family member is not available, two government employees should certify that the applicant is a permanent resident of Delhi and known to them and he/she belongs to the caste SC/ST, along with the attested copies of their identity cards.

Documents Required for OBC Certificate

Along with the documents mentioned above, the applicant has to furnish some of the other documents:

  • A copy of OBC certificate of father, brother, sister or of his/her blood relative from the paternal side, if available.
  • Two attestations by MP/MLA/Councillor/Gazetted Officers, declaring the caste of the applicant and continuous stay in Delhi since 1993.
  • Residence Certificate
  • Family income proof (Salary Slip/Form-16/ITR etc.)
  • Note: All documents have to be attested by MP/MLA/Gazetted Officer.
  • Applicable fee
  • This service does not require any payment for processing the certificate.

Processing Time

The applicant will receive the caste certificate within 14 days from the date of application. In case the verification of the document is required from the authority, the applicant will get the certificate after receiving the confirmation from that authority.

Applying Caste Certificate through SDM/DC Office

Guidelines for applying caste certificate through SDM/DC Office in Delhi are in detail here.

Approach SDM/DC office

Step 1: Applicant needs to approach centre SDM/DC Office to apply for caste certificate through offline mode.

Submit an Application

Step 2:  Submit an application in the prescribed format for the Caste certificate. Fill the caste application form duly according to the caste category. Separate application forms are available for SC/ST OBC category. Provide the following details in the application form.

  • Personal information such as name, gender, DOB, marital status and religion
  • Parents and Spouse Details
  • Contact Details
  • Purpose of obtaining caste certificate
  • Caste details – Caste /Tribe details

SC/ST Application

We have herewith enclosed an application form for the ST/SC caste certificate.

Delhi SC-ST Application

OBC Application

OBC applicants can use this form for obtaining OBC certificate.

Delhi OBC application

Step 3: Submit all other supporting documents to the officer.

Step 4: Obtain an acknowledgement receipt with the unique application number. Keep it safe for future reference.

Step 5: Once the application for caste certificate has been submitted; you can also check the status of the application.

Local Enquiry

Step 6: To verify the applicant’s residence or caste, the local enquiry will take place. In the case of married women, a local enquiry will take place at the place of residence before marriage as well as the location of residence after marriage.

Obtain Caste Certificate

After local enquiry and the request for caste certificate has been approved, the SDM/DC will issue a caste certificate. Revisit the office and provide the application number. Collect the caste certificate, and it can be used for the purpose mentioned above.