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Conversion of Private Company to a Limited Company

Conversion of Private Company to a Limited Company

Conversion of Private Company to a Limited Company

The Private Limited Company conversion follows a properly regulated legal procedure. This procedure is governed by the Companies Act provided by the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. A private company can convert itself to the limited company by altering its memorandum and articles of association. This is further obtained via all shareholders’ approval, passing of a special resolution in general meeting.

Key Points

  • Change of name by passing a special resolution.
  • Approval of the Central Government is not required.
  • The name needs to be deleted from Private limited company to Public limited company.
  • Alter the company’s Articles of Association by deleting prohibitions, restrictions and limitations defining a Private Limited Company.


The procedure on converting a Private company to a Public company is described in detail below.

Amendment of Articles of Association

As a first step, we must identify the clauses defining a private company as per the Articles of Association and make the necessary changes. Any details that mention or relates to the private limited company must be removed. The word “private limited” must also be dropped from the company’s name.

Board meeting

A Board meeting must be scheduled to fix the time, place, and agenda for altering articles of association. The name of the company must be altered via a special resolution. A notice must be given to the general meeting proposing a special resolution. The Articles of Association of a private company may be dispensed with the explanation statement and give shorter notice of general meeting.

The Special Resolution

The special resolution must be passed in the general meeting and it must be filed with the registrar attaching the explanatory statement in the e-form no: MGT14 within 30 days of its passing. A copy of the resolution along with a copy of the explanatory statement and the altered articles of association must be attached to the form along with the prescribed fees.


Intimation of conversion from a private company to limited company must be executed in form No: INC-27 along with the proof of fees payment with the attachments. It must be filed for future references. The minutes of the members’ meeting and the altered Articles of Association are mandatory attachments to be recorded. The e-forms are to be digitally signed by the managing director /director/manager/secretary of the company and to be duly authorized by the Board of Directors.

Certification & Completion

Form # MGT-14 is to be certified by a Chartered Accountant / Cost Accountant/ Company Secretary in practice by digitally signing the e-form. Small companies and One-Person-Companies are exempt from this certification processing. The registrar of companies will issue a fresh certificate of incorporation in the changed name and on the issue of a fresh incorporation certificate, the change of name will be final and complete.

If the company has less than 3 directors and 7 members, the number of directors and members should be increased to 3 and 7 respectively.