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Why is the Company name as important as a function

Why is the Business name important as the business function?

Why is the Company name as important as a function?

 Company name is very important to define your business and to create an identity among the competitors and also help to impress the investors. A business name is the foundation of the trademark design, which has a significant value. Yes, the business function is important but having a good company name is certainly important too if you want customers to find you, talk about or even recommend you.  The Company name plays a crucial role in the brand’s growth and perception, it can completely make or break a company. When the name of the brand is the face of the brand getting it right is crucial.

The first thing a customer interacts with is the name it has to convey the right message to the audience. Think of the name as the first handshake A catchy unique name can help the customer in remembering you and retain.  The easier it is to spell it is better for the brand. A great name has the power to build a long-lasting relationship between the company and the customers, it also has the power to retain the clients

What is the significance of Business name?

First Impression

It is often the first impression with the customer. It is the first impression for business owners and investors. Investors like to select businesses for their business potential but some also look at the qualitative factors like marketing and the correct business name. The right business name can also help in differentiating you among potential investors.

Business strategy and Target Audience

A business name can help in communicating your exact business strategy. Banks often want to communicate an air of conservatism and prudence, while an ad agency wants to communicate some brands and fun. In both cases, the business name can help in reinforcing the values of the business.

Sticky names

Business names can also generate media coverage, Journalists prefer writing about the names that can get attention. A distinctive business name will help the readers to remember the name of the business when they are trying to find it or recommend it to others.  A sticky name is easy for the customers to remember and it attracts the general masses.

Sums up everything about Company  

Many factors go into the perfect name, simply thinking of a company name is not considered to be strategic as it conveys an emotional appeal while establishing a company as a leader in the industry. The Business name is the summary of everything the company is about, specific values and beliefs are attached to the name and the brand strengthens because of the name. You think of it more than the products and the design.

Your unique take on the industry

Within a given industry there are a lot of companies, even newer industries gain popularity and attract entrepreneurs which means that a lot of companies provide similar services. What makes the customer choose a company? The character and the functioning of the company the name of the business for a brand do the footwork. It is just not the name of the company it is the identity of the entire brand.

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