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Types of Indian Visa


Types of Indian Visa

The Indian Government issues various types of visa for foreign nationals, depending on the purpose of travel to India. In this article, we look at the different types of Indian visa.

Business Visa

Indian business visa is provided to foreign nationals travelling to India for business purposes like exploring business opportunities, incorporation of an Indian company, attending meetings, etc., the Business visa is initially granted for a period of six months to one year, five years or ten year – based on the requirement of the visa applicant. Anyone travelling on a business visa to India can only stay for a maximum of six months for each visit. To obtain an Indian business visa, a letter from the sponsor is required, indicating the nature of the applicant’s business, duration of stay and a guarantee to meet maintenance expense.

Tourist Visa

The Indian tourist visa is provided for travellers visiting India for exploring places or visiting family members or friends. Also, the tourist visa holds a validity of six months to ten years. The maximum amount of stay permitted in each visit is six months, irrespective of the visa duration.

Employment VisaTypes of Indian Visa

Any applicants who wish to work in India can obtain an employment visa. Application for employment vis must be accompanied by an appointment letter, employment contract and proof of registration of company/entity in India. Employment visa is provided for a period of one year, with provision for extension. The maximum period for an employment visa is five years from the date of issue of visa.

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Student Visa

Any students wishing to pursue an education in India can obtain a student visa. To obtain a student visa requires a letter confirming admission from an educational institution in India. However, for admission to medical or paramedical courses and for admission to graduate or post-graduate courses, requires a letter of approval or a “no objection” certificate from the Ministry of Health or Ministry of Human Resources Development.

Research Visa

Any travellers engaged in research and development activities can obtain research visa. To obtain a research visa, the application must be made with approval from the Ministry of Human Resources Development. Therefore, research visas are provided with validity as required to complete the research or development activities in India.

Other Visa

The other types of visas are as follows:

Transit Visa: Visa for short transit to travel through India to reach an ultimate destination in another country.

Journalist Visa: Visa for professional journalists and photographers to stay in India for up to three months.

Conference Visa: Visa for attending an international conference or conference held in India on certain subjects.

Missionaries Visa: Visa granted exclusively for missionaries.

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