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Tripura Marriage Certificate


Tripura Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate is issued on officially registering the marriage. This legal document serves as proof for various purposes. In this article, we look at the procedure for registering the marriage and obtaining the Tripura marriage certificate in detail.

Purpose of Marriage Certificate

  • A marriage certificate is an official record that marriage has occurred.
  • Though it serves various purposes, it is a highly required document for women issues.
    • It ensures the minimum age for marriage to prevent child marriages (girl brides).
    • To enable widows to claim the inheritance
    • To help women to exercise their rights of shelter from husband and for custody of children
    • To check bigamy or polygamy
    • To act as a deterrent to husbands deserting their wives
  • Further, its usage extends while applying for a passport, visa to acquire immigration benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

The groom and the bride should satisfy the following conditions of eligibility to acquire the marriage certificate.

  • The groom and the bride should be a permanent resident of India to obtaining the marriage certificate in Tripura.
  • At the time of the marriage, neither party should have a living spouse.
  • The groom should have attained the age of 21 years, and the bride must be18 years of age at the time of the marriage.

Registration of Marriage

The marriage should be first registered to get the certificate of the same.  To register the marriage, the applicant has to apply to the Sub Divisional Magistrate under whose jurisdiction the marriage took place or where either of the spouses has stayed for at least of 6 months before the marriage. To register, any one of the following places should come under the jurisdiction of the Registering Officer:

In India, marriage registration is done under either the Hindu Marriage Act or the Special Marriage Act. The Hindu Marriage Act applies to Hindus, whereas the Special Marriage Act applies to all citizens of India irrespective of their religion.

The Hindu Marriage Act provides for registration of an already solemnised marriage and does not provide for solemnization of a marriage by a Marriage Registrar. However, the Special Marriage Act provides for solemnization of a marriage as well as registration by a Marriage Officer.

Documents Required

The applicant should submit the following documents to get the marriage certificate.

  • Common Application Form
  • Photo ID Proof of the Applicant (Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card)
  • Residency Proof of the Applicant (PRTC Citizenship Certificate )
  • Age Proof of Groom (Birth Certificate Of Groom)
  • Age Proof of Bride (Birth Certificate Of Bride)
  • Marriage Proof (Nikahnama / Certificate of Priest / Witness proof)
  • Passport size photographs of the bride and the groom and 1 marriage photo.
  • Death certificate in case of widow or widower for re-marriage
  • Order/Degree from the competent court in case of divorce
  • Marriage invitation (optional)

Note: All documents must be self-attested. Except for the application form, the photocopies of other documents are accepted. The online application requires scanned copies of the document. The scanned copies should be in jpeg format and should not exceed 2mb.


The Government issues the marriage certificate that is valid for a lifetime.

Concerned Department & Authority

The Revenue Department of the State offers the service and the competent authority for the issuance of the certificate are District Magistrate and the Collector/ Sub Registrar.

Service Fees

The processing fee for a marriage certificate in Tripura accounts to Rs.15 if registered within 60 days from the date of marriage.

If the marriage is registered after 60 days, the applicant has to pay a fine of Rs. 100 for late registration along with the processing fee that comes to Rs.115.

Application Procedure

Offline Process

Step 1: The applying person can visit the e-suvidha centres at the offices of Sub Divisional Magistrates located in the areas where the applicant permanently resides and should get the form. Otherwise, the download the form from the copy given below.

Tripura Marriage certificate

Step 2: On collecting the form, the candidate should properly fill the necessary details and should submit together with the prescribed documents.

Step 3: The applicant can collect the acknowledgement slip after paying the application fee on any working day. The receipt contains a date printed upon which is the delivery date of the certificate.

Step 4: On receiving the applications, Marriage officer will send the notice to marriage officers of home districts of both the bride and groom for the claims and objections.

Step 5: If no objections received within 30 days from the date sending the notice, the officer can record the marriage data in his register and issue the marriage certificate to couple.

Otherwise, the authority can initiate an enquiry in such matter. He can refuse to register the marriage if he supports the objections.

Step 6: The applicant can collect the certificate from the office where the application was submitted by showing the acknowledgement slip.

Online Process

The candidate can apply online by visiting the official website of e-District Tripura from their respective places, kiosks, or e-suvidha centres where an internet connection is available.

e-District Tripura is an online portal of Tripura government that caters its citizens with a range of online services.

Step 1: e-District Registration

Registering in e-District is a prerequisite to avail the online services of the Tripura government. To register, visit the official website and click ‘Citizen Registration’ under Citizen Section on the Home Page.


Step 2: Clicking ‘Citizen Registration’ will direct to the registration page. Fill-out the essential details that include the following.

  • Personal Details (name, address, mobile number)
  • e-KYC details (requires Aadhar number)
  • Login Details (username and password)

Step 3: Enter the captcha and click ‘Submit’ after verifying.

Step 4: Online Application login

With the login credential, sign in to the portal containing the application form.


Step 5: Fill in the form, upload the scanned documents and submit

Step 6: Through SMS, the applicant will receive the status of the application.

Step 7: On successful processing, the applicant will be notified of the delivery date on which he/she should visit the office with the acknowledgement receipt.

Step 8: The authorized operator will log in the portal, retrieve the digitally signed certificate, print it and will grant to the person.

Step 9: The status will be updated as ‘Delivered’. In the case of Rejection of the application, the applicant will be informed of the reason for rejection.

Processing Time

Upon approval of the application by the concerned authority, the applicant can collect the certificate within 15 days from the date of application.

Note: The time frame excludes the Government holidays.


Revenue Department, Government of Tripura,

New Secretariat Building,