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STPI and Non-STPI Registration

STPI and Non-STPI Registration

STPI is an abbreviation form of ‘Software Technology Parks in India’. STPI is administered by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

The Software Technology Parks (i.e., STP) scheme is a 100% export oriented scheme for the development as well as export of computer software via data communication link or via physical media (including export of professional services).

Apart from STP entities, which are mandatorily required to obtain STPI registration, even Non-STP entities engaged in export of software is required to obtain the registration as Non-STPI unit to avail Softex certification.

Under the present article we will deal with both STPI and Non-STPI registration in detail.

Benefits of STPI and Non-STPI registration-

STPI registration benefits are listed hereunder-

  1. No import duty or customs duty.
  2. Unit can secure 100% FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) through the automatic route.
  3. Income tax and other Government schemes benefits.

Non-STPI registration benefits are listed hereunder-

  1. Enables claiming of benefits of software exports.
  2. Availing benefits of Government incentives relating to software exports.
  3. Ensures adequate compliance with law.

Eligibility criteria for STPI registration and Non-STPI registration-

STPI registration criteria are-

An Indian Company or A subsidiary of a Foreign Company or A branch office of a Foreign Company is eligible to become STP unit.

Non-STPI registration criteria are-

Any form of an entity can obtain Non-STPI registration. However, such entity should have some form of software which can be exported outside India.

Procedure for obtaining STPI/ Non-STPI Registration-

STPI User registration Process-

STEP 1 – Visit site

STEP 2 – Click on ‘I want to register as New Unit’.

STEP 3 – User application form will be displayed, wherein, following details are to be furnished-

  • Select ‘Organisation Type’ from the drop-down list.
  • Select ‘STPI Centre’ from the drop-down list.
  • Enter Organisation Name’, ‘Contact Person’, ‘Contact Person Mobile No.’, ‘Contact Person Email ID’ and comments, if any.
  • Enter the Captcha and click register.

STEP 4 – On successful registration, ‘Login ID’ and ‘Password’ will be sent the registered email ID.

Registration process for new unit-

STEP 1 – Visit site

STEP 2 – Enter the ‘Login ID’ and ‘Password’ as made available via registered email ID.

STEP 3 – Enter the Captcha and click ‘Login’.

STEP 4 – Enter the ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm New Password’ to change the system generated password.

STEP 5 – Enter the Captcha and click ‘Save’.

STEP 6 – Select appropriate Unit i.e., STP or EHTP or Non-STP or Incubation or Startups under the Unit Management System.

STEP 7 – Further details will be displayed based on the type of unit selected at STEP 6 above. Accordingly, fill up the requisite details and submit the form.

Important notable points for obtaining registration as ‘Non-STP’ unit-

  • Before obtaining registration, Non-STPI units will have to submit quarterly and annual returns in their particular formats.
  • The applicant will have to pay INR 1,000 + GST as application fees.
  • The certificate of registration will be valid for a period of three years.

Service Charge payable by Non-STPI units-

STPI will collect specific service charge from Non-STPI unit. The amount of service charge payable is slab-wise which is to be determined on the basis of the value of contracts registered by Non-STPI units. The applicable service charge is tabulated hereunder-

Sr. No. Export Turnover for the year Annual service charges
1 Up to INR 12.50 Lakhs INR 4,000
2 Above INR 12.50 Lakhs to INR 25 Lakhs INR 8,000
3 Above INR 25 Lakhs to INR 50 Lakhs INR 16,000
4 Above INR 50 Lakhs to INR 3 Crores INR 55,000
5 Above INR 3 Crores to INR 10 Crores INR 110,000
6 Above INR 10 Crores to INR 25 Crores INR 225,000
7 Above INR 25 Crores to INR 50 Crores INR 250,000
8 Above INR 50 Crores to INR 100 Crores INR 350,000
9 Above INR 100 Crores to INR 500 Crores INR 575,000
10 Above INR 500 Crores to INR 1000 Crores INR 600,000
11 Above INR 1000 Crores INR 650,000