StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups

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StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups

StartupXY is a Zero Cost Incubation Program for Early Stage Technology Startups. The program creates funding and networking opportunities for startups. The selected Startup will get World-class Training, Networking, Intl Market opportunity, and Funding access. The current article briefs the procedure to apply for StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups.

Note on StartupXY

StartupXY is a Global Fund, and a startup Incubator and Accelerator with a focus on Technology disruption. They seek early-stage Tech outliers whose business models can scale globally and have a workable Product/ Platform and are nearing the Go-Live or are in the Early-Revenue stage. The Incubator Program is for selected 8 Tech Startups only pan India.

StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups
StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups

Eligibility criteria for startups

The eligibility criteria for startups to participate in the Startup XY Incubation Program are as follows:

  • The startup should have a Minimum 2 co-founders to apply for Startup XY Incubation Program
  • The startup should be working to address large Total addressable market(TAM)
  • Disrupt using Technology – AI, Bio-Tech, SaaS, IoT, Blockchain, WebRTC, etc are eligible for this program
  • The startups must have a basic workable Product, not a prototype.

Eligible Startup for StartupXY

The following type of startups can apply for the incubation program:

  • Ideation Stage Startup
  • Validation Stage Startup
  • Early Traction Startup

Note: Relevant stakeholder is Incubator/ Mentor/ Individual

StartupXY Incubation Program Benefits

StartupXY Incubation Program provides the following benefits to startups:

140+ Hrs of Training

  • Value Discovery, Creation, Scale, and Impact KPI’s Competition Analysis UX-UI-Gamification
  • Market Research and Analysis GTM and Channel Management
  • Branding and Strategy
  • Financial and Budgeting Elevator Pitch

Investor and Legal Access

  • Learn Elevator Pitch
  • Learn about Term Sheets
  • Legal assist for Contracts and IP
  • Access to Global Investors
  • Partnership Opportunites

Tech Evaluation

  • Current Tech Stack Audit
  • Architecture Scan
  • Deployment Pipeline
  • Economics of Platform
  • Insights on Ai, Data Analytics
  • Inhouse-advice on Tech Adoption
  • Understand No code to Low Code to Scaled Code
  • Data Security and PII
  • Localization

Intl Networking and Mentoring

  • Access to Domain experts
  • Access to Industry Events
  • World-Class Mentoring
  • Intl Market access through Channels
  • Learn from Doers of the Industry

Focus Area

StartupXY is looking to collaborate & work with startups in any of the following themes

  • Analytics & AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality)
  • Automotive & Animation
  • Computer Vision and Construction
  • Telecommunication & Networking
  • Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence
  • AI, Green Technology and Finance Technology
  • Enterprise Software and Design
  • Renewable Energy and Technology Hardware
  • Healthcare & Lifesciences
  • Internet Of Things and IT Services
  • Nanotechnology and Non- Renewable Energy
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail and House-Hold Services
  • Professional & Commercial Services
  • Sports and Social Network
  • Indic Language Startups
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Logistics, Travel & Tourism
  • Security Solutions and Airport Operations
  • Real Estate, Safety, and Robotics
  • Passenger Experience and Biotechnology
  • Toys And Games

Service Type

The relevant service type for StartupXY Incubation Program is as follows:

  • Government & Hyperlocal
  • Discovery & Location-Based Services
  • Manufacturing & Marketplace
  • Mobile & Offline
  • Online Aggregator & Peer To Peer
  • Platform & Consulting
  • Consumer Internet & Engineering
  • E-Commerce & Rental
  • Enterprise Mobility & Research
  • Sharing Economy & Social Enterprise
  • Subscription Commerce

Incentives Offered

The selected startups of the StartupXY Incubation Program will be offered the following type of incentives:

  • StartupXY Incubation Program offers World-class Applied Learning to guide the startup across all phases.
  • StartupXY Incubation Program offers 5 Months of Mentoring support and 100+ Hrs of Coaching will be provided to the Early Stage Technology Startups
  • Industry Networking opportunity will also be provided to Startup
  • Post Launch Funding opportunity at Growth stage will be provided for the selected Startup

Selection Process

The Five-Stage Selection Process for Startup XY Incubation Program is explained in detail below:

Stage 1- Pre-screening:   The eligible startups need to fill the form as published and upload the relevant documents as mentioned. After Pre-screening of the application, the selected startup will be announced.

Stage 2 – Online Pitch:  Startups will be called for Online Pitch and  Product Demo over Zoom Call to StartupXY Mentors.

Step 3 – Final Stake-holder screening: Founders Final screening will be done via Startup partners

Step 4 – 3rd Party Verification: Third-Party Verification of Screened Founders and Final Results announcements.

Step 5 – StartupXY-Onboarding: StartupXY-Onboarding post selection

Equity: Incubator will take Flat 6% Equity in return.

TimeLine of StartupXY Incubation Program

Application Opens 15th April 2021
Deadline to Apply 30th July 2021
Application Result Date 10th August 2021

Application Procedure

The Incubation Program Applications will be open till 30th July 2021. The applicant is required to access the official webpage of Startup India.

  • From the home page click on the Programs option and then select View all active programs.
StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups Startups - Homepage
StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups Startups – Homepage
  • By clicking on the Incubator Programme from the new page, the list of active programs will be displayed. Click on the StartupXY Incubation Program, the link will redirect to a new page.
  • StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups - Incubator
    StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups – Incubator
  • Click on the apply now an option; the Startup India login page will be displayed. The existing users of Startup India can log in to the portal to apply for the program.
StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups- Login
StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups- Login
  • New users need to register on the portal to get the user credential. By clicking on the register now option, the applicant can provide all mandatory details for registration.
  • After login to the portal, the link will redirect to the StartupXY official page, where the applicant can apply.
StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups Startups - Application
StartupXY Incubation Program for Technology Startups Startups – Application
  • Provide the following details in the application:
    • Company and Founder Name
    • Mobile and Email
    • Project Stage and Description of the Project
    • Project URL and Revenue Details
    • Paying Customers

Once the details are provided, upload the Pitch Deck and click on send option. The application will be forwarded to the concerned authority. The selected startups will get World-class Training, Networking, Intl Market opportunity, and Funding access.

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