Standard Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) for Import and Export Authorization

Standard Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) for Import and Export Authorization

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has specified Standard Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) for Import and Export Authorization vide Trade Notice No. 26/2020-2021 dated 14.09.2020. It has been noted that the use of Non- standard and Non-convertible UQCs lead to poor quality of data capture and related consequences. Hence, DGFT had undertaken an exercise towards standardization of Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) for purposes of export/import declarations filed on EDI.

As per this notification, DGFT announced that new export/import authorization will be issued only based on standard Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs). Exporter/importers are advised to use the Standard Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) while applying for Import/Export Authorization. The present article briefly explains Standard Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) for Import and Export Authorization.

Important Announcement for Exporter & Importer

The government has issued the notice with the objective of standardization in the data collection for clean data reporting and analysis.

Conditions for applying New Export/Import Authorizations

As per the notification, new export/import authorization will be issued based on standard Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs). Regional Authorities (RAs) will not issue authorization with Non-standard units such as BoU, packs, Boxes cartons and bottles.

For issuing the authorization based on the standard UQC, necessary changes are being carried out in the DGFT Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system.

Conditions for Using the existing Export/Import Authorizations

To ensure shipment meanwhile, the Customs department will allow the authorizations which already issued and carrying any non-standard units such as BoU, packs, Boxes cartons and bottles etc, till 30.10.2020 by accepting exporter’s shipping bills in the UQCs provided in ICEGATE.

Exports/imports without standard UQCs will not be permitted after 1.11.2020.

Convert Import & export quantities to Standard Quantity Units

For shipping the goods after November 2020, the authorization holders are requested to approach concerned Regional Authority (RA) and get the non- standard units indicated in the authorizations in the import and export quantities, converted to standard quantity units.

In case RAs face any difficulty in carrying out these amendments, they will get in touch with the concerned Norms Committee (NC).

Standard Unit Quantity Codes  in Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills

Usage of harmonized standard Unit Quantity Codes (UQC)  at the time of filing of Shipping Bills and Bills of Entry in ICEGATE is being mandated through various public notices issued by customs formations during August 2020. Declaration of quantities in Statistical UQCs (SQCs) as prescribed under the Tariff Act have been made mandatory in both imports (since Feb 2019) and exports (since Feb 2020) for every item in addition to the quantities declared in the commercial units as per the invoice. The SQC declarations are being captured in the Single Window table of the Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills.

Standard Unit Quantity Codes

To further improve the data quality, even among the commercial UQCs declared for the items as per the invoice, henceforth only codes as mentioned in the below table will be permitted in Export/Import Authorisation.






1CBMCubic Meter19MGSMilligrams
2CCMCubic Centimeter20MTRMeter
3CMSCentimetre21MTSMetric ton
7GIFGRMFissile Isotope25QTLQuintal
9GRSGross27SQFSquare Feet
10GYDGross Yard28SQISquare Inches
11HKSHanks29SQMSquare Meter
12INCInches30SQ YSquare Yards
13KGAKilogram Activity31TBSTablets
15KLRKilolitre33TKWThousand Kilo Watt Hour
16KWHKilo water hour34UNTUnits
  • The usage of nonconvertible/inappropriate Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) leads to poor quality of data captures and related implications.
  • The usage of  UQCs like BGS, BTL, BOX, CTN, GGR, HPT, KPC, ODD and DRM by the importers and exporters are prohibited for import/export authorization.

The notification about the Standard Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) for Import and Export Authorization is as follows:

Trade Notice 27

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