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Seva Sindhu

The Government of Karnataka has introduced Seva Sindhu an integrated portal set up to provide government-related service to the citizens. Seva Sindhu was implemented under the e-District Mission Mode Project (MMP) of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Seva Sindhu aims to deliver government services more accessible, cost-effective, liable and transparent. It also grants the citizens with necessary awareness and assistance on government schemes and facilities to the community through effective information dissemination. In this article, we look at the Seva Sindu portal facilities in detail.

Advantages of the Seva Sindhu

There are some of the significant benefits to the citizen provided through Seva Sindhu are as follows:

  • The Seva Sindhu Portal offers a single platform for the citizens to get the benefit of different Departments services.
  • The citizens can approach Seva Sindhu Portal Online other than office hours also and post their request for the service.
  • Citizens can follow the status of their service application from anywhere and anytime.
  • Alternatively, the citizens can visit any of the nearby Common Service Centre available at Gram Panchayat Level for availing the citizen services
  • Centralised helpdesk will be available for citizens to clarify doubts and resolve their problems.

Services in Seva Sindhu

The list of service providers includes various departments which are functioned under this portal are mentioned below:

  • Revenue Department
  • Commercial Tax Department
  • Department of Drug Control
  • Food and Civil Supplies Department
  • Department of Planning
  • Transport Department
  • Department of Ayush
  • Youth Empowerment and Sports Department
  • Department of Information and Public Relations
  • Department of Kannada and Culture
  • Empowerment and Senior Empowerment Department of Empowerment.
  • Department of Women and Welfare
  • Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms
  • Bangalore Development Authority
  • Department of Labor

Revenue Department

Under Revenue Department the online application has to be submitted through avail the list of certificates such as Income certificate, caste certificate, resident certificate, agriculture certification certificate, bonafide certificate, landholding certificate, widow certificate, etc.,

Commercial Tax Department

Registration of Karnataka professions, businesses, occupation and employment are performed through this department.

Department of Drug Control

This department allows the applicant to apply online license for both manufacturing and sales premises of drugs and cosmetics and renewal of sales license.

Food and Civil Services Department

It facilities the user with the services such as adding a member’s name in a ration card, APPL, BPL, AAY change in wrong card category in ration card, Modifications on ration cards, new ration card.

Department of Planning

Under the department of planning the citizens can request a birth certificate and death certificate by submitting an online application form for both.

Transport Department

Under the transport department, any new vehicle owner can register their vehicle by filing online registration form purchased from the showroom.

Department of Ayush

Appeal and Performance certificate can be obtained through Ayush Department.

Youth Empowerment and Sports Department

Sports scholarships, sports gist award, Lifetime achievement award can be applied by the concerned person via Seva Sindhu portal.

Department of Information and Public Relations

Online application for permission to shoot movie, serial, documentary, short film, advertisement and other languages are submitted through this portal.

Department of Kannada and Culture

Citizens can apply for sponsors of art team and application for artist’s rail discount travel.

Empowerment and Senior Empowerment Department of Empowerment

It provides the online facility for getting senior citizen’s identity card.

Department of Women and Welfare

  • Matrashree (Pre-delivery stage)
  • Matrashree (Postpartum phase)

Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms

  • Application for recruitment of Group C posts on a sympathetic basis
  • Application for Group C posts on a sympathetic basis.

Bangalore Development Authority

Application for distribution of acquisition letter from BDA.

Department of Labor

The following services can be utilised under this department are listed out:

  • Application for significant employer registration under the contract Labor Act.
  • Application for a new license agreement for contractors under the contract labour Act.
  • Application for license renewal to the contractor under the Contractors Labor Act.
  • Application for registration of the establishment under the Building and other construction wage Act.

Seva Sindhu Portal Registration

The citizens can register through the official portal of Seva Sindhu to get the different department services, follow the steps mentioned below:

Provide Login Details

Step 1: You need to provide login details for applying through any of the services.

Existing User Registration

Step 2: In case of an existing user, enter login id, password and captcha and then click on “Submit” button.

Seva Sindhu - Image 1
Seva Sindhu – Image 1

New User Registration

Step 3: If you are a new user click on “New Registration” tab the current page will be redirected to the login application page where you have to fill the online application form for user registration.

Complete the Details

Step 4: Now, enter the details that are marked as compulsory and then click on the “Submit” button.

Seva Sindhu - IMage 2
Seva Sindhu – IMage 2

Choose the Department

Step 5: Select the department, and then you can start applying for the appropriate services.

Note: After applying the applicant will receive an acknowledgement number as the confirmation of successful submission of application.

Track Application Status

This Seva Sindhu facilities the citizens to track the application submitted through the portal, follow the steps mentioned below to follow application form.

Fill the Details

Step 1: The applicant has to provide required details under the check your app status.

Choose Department and Service

Step 2: Select department and service and enter your appropriate applicant number and click on “Check Status Now” button to know the status of your application.

Seva Sindhu - Image 3
Seva Sindhu – Image 3

Contact Center

For further, please contact the following number below:

Contact Number: 080-4455 4455.