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Saksham Yuva Scheme

Saksham Yuva Scheme

Saksham Yuva Scheme

The Government of Haryana has launched the Saksham Yuva scheme for unemployed youth in the year 2016. This scheme will provide monthly financial assistance to the unemployed graduates in the state. The main aim of the scheme is to increase the employment opportunities among the youth and placing them in the different department of State Government.

Benefits of the Scheme

The following are the benefits of the scheme are explained below:

  • The purpose of the scheme is to afford the educated unemployed youth with income to sustain the youth or his family.
  • Under this scheme, the family shall get Rs.9000/- per month in lieu of 100 hours work for a  month and also Rs.3000/- for the unemployment allowance.
  • The eligible candidates will get on training on skill development based upon the choice of their selected department.
  • The money (financial assistance) will be directly transferred to  the beneficiary bank’s account.

Scheme Details

All the Department of State government, universities, board and corporation are instructed to intimate the Employment Department about the vacancies. The Employment Department will send SMS and email alert about the job opportunities to the registered graduates. Saksham Yuva portal can also be used by the employers to post their job openings for the youth those are seeking for job opportunities.

Under the Saksham Yuva Scheme, the selected candidates can get jobs in any of the government departments or banks in the state. As mentioned above, the candidates shall have to work for 100 hours in one month. They are expected to work as a trainee in the department where they will get the job.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be the native of Haryana state to get the benefits under the scheme.
  • The applicant has to be registered in the Employment Exchange.
  • It is compulsory for the applicant to pass a post graduate.
  • Only applicants whose age is between 21 to 35 years of age are eligible to apply for the scheme.
  • The applicant family annual income should be less than three lakhs.

Scheme Period

The scheme benefit will be availed by the beneficiary only for three years.

Documents Required

The required documents must be furnished along with the application form.
• Copy of higher secondary mark sheet.
• Degree certificate of the applicant.
• Other educational certificates, optional.
• Voter ID.
• PAN card.
• Bank account details (copy of bank passbook).

Business covered under Saksham Yuva Scheme

The eligible youth can get employment in the following listed out business. They are

  • Agriculture and allied activities.
  • Textile industry.
  • Automotive.
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance sector.
  • Construction and allied activities.
  • Electronics and telecommunication.
  • Food processing industries.
  • Healthcare.
  • Logistics and Transportation.
  • Retail business.
  • Sports and Physical education.
  • Tourism and Hospitality.
  • Green skills.
  • Other sectors such as beauty and wellness, security etc.

Online Registration Procedure

To register for Saksham Yuva Scheme, follow the steps mentioned below:

step 1: The applicant needs to visit the official website of Saksham Yuva scheme of Haryana government.
Step 2: One needs to register into the portal as the new user to apply for the scheme.
Step 3: Click on “login” menu which is displayed on the webpage of the portal.

Step 3 Saksham Yuva Scheme

Step 4: On the next page select the “ Click here for Register” option.
Step 5: Select your Qualification type and click on ” Go to Registration” button.

Step 5 Saksham Yuva Scheme

Step 6: Now make a tick mark on you are registering for Saksham Yuva scheme.

Step 6 Saksham Yuva Scheme

Step 7: Then the registration form will open on the next page.

Step 7 Saksham Yuva Scheme

Step 8: The user needs to enter the required details on the form.
Step 9: After filling all the information the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
Step 10: Then click on “Register” button for successful registration.
Note: After registering the password will be sent to your registered mail id for the login purpose.

Online Application Procedure

To apply for Saksham Yuva scheme, follow the steps specified here:
Step 1: The applicant has to visit the official website of Saksham Yuva scheme again.
Step 2: Click on “Login ” option from the menu.

Step 2 Saksham Yuva Scheme

step 3: For logging into the portal the applicant should enter the necessary details like

  • Aadhar card number
  • The password which is sent to the applicant mail id.
  • Applicant Qualification.

Step 4: After filing the required details click on “Login” button.
Step 5: Then the application form will open up the applicant need to fill it with accurate details and select “submit” button.
Note: After submitting the form the application will be verified by the concerned authority, and that application status can also be checked online.

Track Application Status

The applicant has to click on” Applicant detail” option from the menu bar and then enter the details related to the application and select the “ Search” button to view the status of your application.

Check status Saksham Yuva Scheme