Raksha Mantri Ex-Servicemen Welfare Fund

Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme

Raksha Mantri Ex-Servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme

Raksha Mantri Ex-Servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme is launched by the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Government of India. Under this scheme, the Government is providing financial assistance to Ex-Servicemen and their widows for helping them in educating their children. In this article, we will look at the Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme in detail.

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Objective of the RMEWF Scheme

Aim of the Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme is to provide financial assistance to a maximum of two dependent children of Ex-Servicemen or their widows, up to the ranks of Havildar in the Army or equivalent in the Navy and Air Force, and to widows for post graduation degree course.

Financial Assistance Details

Under the Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme, the financial assistance is provided for education out of Armed Forces Flag Day (AFFD) Fund at Rs.1000 per month per head (up to maximum two children) of eligible Ex-Servicemen and their widows.

  • For the previous academic year, the fund is payable in one installment in a financial year. 
  • This grant is applicable for classes 1 to 12 of school and undergraduate classes of a college. 
  • This fund is also admissible to widows who wish to pursue a 2-year postgraduate degree.
  • This RMEWF grant is not applicable for any of the professional or technical courses.

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be fulfilled to get the Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF)

  • Applicant must be an Ex-Servicemen/widow/Orphan dependent
  • The applicant should be of rank Havildar/equivalent and below
  • The eligible child should have passed the previous class to get the grant
  • The applicant should be recommended by the respective Zila Sainik Board (ZSB)
  • The applicant should not be drawing education allowance from the State or his Employer

Documents Required

The documents required for the Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) is listed as follows:

  • Service Document for Discharge Book of Ex-service man (ESM) (Page that contains ESM/Personal Particulars, Service Particulars and Family Particulars)
  • ESM or Widow I-Card issued by respective Zila Sainik Welfare Offices (ZSB)
  • Mark-sheet or School Progress Card of children
  • Part-II Order mentioning names of the children for which fund is sought, or there should be a correct entry to this effect in the discharge Documents
  • A certificate from the applicant is saying that he/she has not taken any grant from the State Government or present employer in the form of education allowance or scholarship.
  • Details of Bank account number (in Punjab National Bank and State Bank of India only) and IFS Code
  • Copy of Aadhar Card

Application Procedure

The application procedure for the Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme is explained in detail below:

Step 1: The eligible applicant needs to access the home page of the Kendriya Sainik Board Secretariat.

Step 2: The new applicant has to register themselves in the portal, from the home page, click on the Register option. 

Image 1: Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme
Image 1: Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme

Step 3: The registration form will be displayed, provide the necessary details, address and bank account details. 

Image 2 Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme
Image 2 Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme

Step 4: By clicking on the submit button, the registration will be completed. The user ID and password will be sent to the registered mail id.

Image 3 Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme
Image 3 Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme

Step 5: Using this login credentials, you can log in to the Kendriya Sainik Board portal. 

Image 4 Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme
Image 4 Raksha Mantri Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF) Scheme

Submit an Application

Step 6: The applicant needs to submit an application in a prescribed application form with verification of concerned Zila Sainik Welfare Officer (ZSWO) online. 


A specimen application form is attached here.  Copies of the required documents duly attested by the respective ZSWO must accompany the application.

The application for the just-concluded academic year must be submitted online by an eligible ESM / their widows to respective  Zila Sainik Welfare Office (ZSB) from the month of May for Classes 1st to 9th & 11th and from the month of July for Board classes 10th & 12th. For undergraduate courses (non-technical and non-professional), applications have to be submitted from the month of August.

Step 7: Zila Sainik Welfare Office (ZSWO) will scrutinise the online applications, give the appointment to the applicant and after verification will recommend the online application and forward it via RSB to the KSB Secretariat for approval and payment in the current financial year. 

The cutoff date for all categories in November for the financial year, Cases older than one year will not be accepted.

Application Processing at Kendriya Sainik Board

Step 8: On receipt at the Kendriya Sainik Board, the applications will be checked online. 

The Section-in Charge will assign the file to the designated clerk who will check data of the applications into the computer. 

Step 9: Another clerk will be designated to check the entries and eligibility of applicants. Section-in-Charge will also check the application and recommend them online to JD (Welfare).

Step 10: The applications in a lot pertaining to AFFDF will be forwarded for approval of the prescribed authority preferably on a quarterly basis.

Payment Procedure

Step 11: After approval of the applications, the same will be processed for payment by the Welfare Section. 

Step 12: After verifying the name, service number, bankers, IFS Code and account number, Welfare Section will forward the approved application to the Accounts Section for payments, which will release the payments via ECS to the beneficiaries.

Subsequent Grant

The new application is required to be made for all the subsequent academic years provided the children have satisfactorily advanced to the next class. The subsequent application should also be submitted through ZSB in the month of May.  

Zila Sainik Welfare Office will forward all the applications online to Kendriya Sainik Board Secretariat by each year for consideration in the current financial year.

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