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Rajasthan Land Mutation


Rajasthan Land Mutation

The mutation is the process of transferring of title ownership of land from one person to another. Transfer of title is to be done when the property is transferred from one owner to the new owner. By mutating a land, the ownership name in records of the revenue department can be changed. Mutation document needs to be submitted while selling a land. In this article, we look at land mutation and procedure to apply for Rajasthan land mutation in detail.

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Importance of Land Mutation

The land mutation is one of the important processes in all legal transactions involving property or land. As mentioned above, by mutating a land, the new owner gets the revenue records on his name. Once the land is mutated, mutation details will be updated in the Mutation register (P-21) further to Rajasthan revenue records (Jamabandi) maintained by the State Government. Mutation letter will be issued to the applicant. In Rajasthan, Patwari or Grama Panchayat is processing the land mutation application.

  • Mutation document is needed to fix the property tax payment liabilities
  • Mutation document is proof for ownership of a particular land
  • For selling land, the owner should have to submit mutation document to the buyer for verification

If the land is jointly owned, then the mutation document or certificate will be provided with all names of the co-owners.

Documents Required

Documents mentioned below are needed to be submitted for the land mutation in Rajasthan:

  • Application form in the prescribed format
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Address Proof – Ration card
  • Identity Proof – Aadhaar Card or Voter ID can be furnished
  • Copies of property documents and link documents
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Tax Payment receipt

In the case of Will

In addition to all documents mentioned above, the following documents also need to be submitted for the land mutation in case of the will of a property:

Fee for Land Mutation

For mutating a land in Rajasthan the applicant has to pay an amount of Rs.30 as fees.

Applying for Mutation through e-Mitra Centers – Offline Method

The following are the procedure to apply for mutation certificate through the e-Mitra centre in detail:

Step 1: Applicant needs to visit the nearest e-Mitra Centre.

Step 2:  The applicant needs to apply land mutation online at the e-Mitra Centre.


Step 3:  Submit all required documents (as mentioned above) to the e-Mitra Centre operating personnel. The request for the mutation will be forwarded to the concerned authority.

Note: e-Mitra operating personnel will issue a receipt with the mutation application number, and also the applicant will receive an SMS to the registered mobile number and mail to the registered mail id.

Note: Progress of the application request will be updated through SMS.

Step 4: The concerned authority, Tahsildar, Patwari or Gram Panchayat will process the mutation request, and after successful verification, the component authority will approve the mutation request.

Step 5:  Once the applicant’s mutation request is accepted, an SMS will be sent to the mobile number as the application has been approved.

Step 6: Revisit e-Mitra centre, provide the application number to e-Mitra operating person; the applicant can get a printed copy of the Khata with mutation details. It can be used for all the purposes mentioned above.

Applying for Land Mutation through UIT Online

The following are the online application procedure for getting mutation letter through online in Rajasthan in a step by step procedure:

Step 1: Go to the home page of Urban Improvement Trust, Udaipur (UIT) for online application of mutation.

Step 2: Select online services from the menu bar and click on online mutation option from the drop-down menu.

Home page Rajasthan Land Mutation

Step 3: In the new page, select click now button. The page will redirect to Rajasthan Single Sign-On page.

Online mutation Rajasthan Land Mutation

User registration

Step 4: If the applicant is a new user to SSO Register in the portal using Bhamashah number or Aadhaar number.

Login and Registration Rajasthan Land Mutation

Login to the Portal

Step 5: If the applicant has already registered user, they can log in to the portal using username and password.

Login Rajasthan Land Mutation

Step 6: After login to the portal, select the application option.

Application Rajasthan Land Mutation

Step 7: In the new page, select the Revenue Department from the drop-down menu.

Select Department Rajasthan Land Mutation

Provide Details

Step 8: Enter details such as the Revenue Department and application for the mutation will be shown on the new page.

Application for Mutation Rajasthan Land Mutation

Step 9: The applicant has to provide the following details:

  • Bhamashah Number
  • Aadhaar number
  • E-Mitra portal login ID
Login Details Rajasthan Land Mutation

Step 10: Provide the personal details and click on save button.

Personal details Rajasthan Land Mutation

Upload documents

Step 11: Upload a photo and enter the following details.

Photo and details Rajasthan Land Mutation
  • Village name
  • Tahsildar
  • Mandal
  • Jilla
  • Khasra number

Step 12: Address Proof and application form need to be uploaded.

Residential details Rajasthan Land Mutation

Step 13: Select department, Jilla and application from the drop-down menu. Click on submit.

Department and Jilla details Rajasthan Land Mutation

Step 14: In the dialogue box, click on, OK. Mutation application number with fee structure will appear. Note it for future reference.

Department charge Rajasthan Land Mutation


Make Payment

Step 15: Visit UIT portal and click on make payment option.

Step 16: In the new page, provide application ID and mobile number and click on submit.

Urban Improvement trust portal Rajasthan Land Mutation

Step 17: The applicant can make payment by using internet banking.

Status of Application

The applicant can check the status of mutation application by visiting the UIT portal. Click on Application Status option from the portal. Enter mutation application number and registered mobile number. Status of application will appear after payment, log in to SSO portal; the applicant can see a message on the screen.

After the completion of the process of application for the nomination, now the application reaches the concerned officer’s inbox (Mutation is under Process)

Processing Mutation Request

Concerned Patwari will process the application and after making changes, forward the application for getting approval from the competent authority. After getting approval from competent authority Mutation is under Process message will disappear and mutation details will be updated in Mutation Register.  A Khata indicating changes in Jamabandi will appear.

Print Mutation Letter

Print mutation letter from Urban Improvement Trust official page. Click on Print mutation option. Provide mutation application number and mobile number. Click on submit the applicant can now get the mutation letter. Take a print out mutation letter.

Note: In case the component Authority does not accept the mutation a note stating the reason for rejection will appear in the portal.