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Punjab Death Certificate


Punjab Death Certificate

Death though is an inevitable and a normal part of every person’s life. It is obligatory to be authenticated and registered under the law with the concerned state or Union Territory.  More often, the death certificate serves as a document of proof for various legal purposes as it is the only source of information comprising the mortality data of the dead person. The Government of Punjab has necessitated the event of death to be registered before issuing the Certificate for which a well-organized system has been set. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining the Punjab death certificate in detail.

Purpose of Death Certificate

The death of a person must be registered immediately on the occurrence of the event to prevent scandals in receiving public benefits and voting in elections. A death certificate is a mandate proof to ascertain the fact of death legally and for relieving the deceased from social, legal and official obligations. Also, it enables the nearest family member of the deceased person to claim insurance, pension and other benefits. Moreover, a widow or a widower is required to produce a death certificate of the former partner for future marriage.

Eligibility Criteria

The State Government of Punjab issues the Certificate of death for a deceased person if he/she is a permanent resident of Punjab.

Registration of the Death

In India, it is compulsory as per the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 to register every death within 21 days of its incidence with the concerned State/UT Government. The District/Town Registrars are the responsible person with the Registration on reporting.

S. No Place of Occurrence Person(s) required to report
1. Any event occurred in the household Head of the household or the nearest relative present in the house
2. Any event occurred in any medical institutions Medical Officer In charge of the institution like a hospital, nursing home etc.
3. Any event occurred in any other public place. The headman of the village in case of the rural area and the in-charge of the police station in case of other areas

Reporting Period and Government Fee

The occurrence of death should be registered within 21 days from the date of the incident to the Registrar concerned, and that does not include any fees. Delayed Registration is also allowed under the Act. The time constraints and the penalties for the late Registration are described below.

Time Period for delayed Registration Late Fee Competent Authority
After 21 days but within 30 days Rs. 5/- Local Registrar
After 30 days but less than one year Rs. 10/- Additional District Registrar of CHC/PHC in case of rural area and District Registrar (Births & Deaths) in case of the urban area along with the affidavit.
After one year Rs. 20/- Magistrate/ Sub – Divisional Magistrate of respective Subdivision

Documents Required

The following documents are required to be submitted along with the application form.

  • Proof of birth of the deceased
  • Affidavit mentioning the date, time of the death
  • Copy of the ration card or government ID proof
  • Required fee in the form of court stamps
  • Proof of evidence of the relationship of the applying person with the deceased Address proof of the applicant
  • Nativity Certificate of the applicant

For correction in the death certificate

  • Original or photocopy of the death certificate (Mandatory)
  • Self Declaration (Describe the reason for correction) under state rule 11 (Mandatory)
  • Letter from Municipal Councilor/ MLA/ MP or Gazetted Officer under state rule 11 (Mandatory)
  • School certificate of deceased if the correction in the name (Mandatory for Death)
  • Copy of post mortem report and FIR in accidental/ suicide/ murder cases (Mandatory for Death)
  • Copy of Property papers or insurance policy (Optional for Death)
  • Copy of the report of cremation ground or immersion of ashes (Optional for Death)

For delayed Registration

  • Information form (in duplicate) No. 2 for Death (Mandatory)
  • An affidavit attested by Magistrate or Notary Public ( Mandatory if dated within one year)
  • Report of Registrar death event is not registered (Mandatory within one year)
  • Proof of death like hospital/ nursing home report or immersion of ashes or post mortem and FIR or cremation ground report or Antim Ardas/ Bhog da Card (Mandatory if Date of Death within one year)
  • Self-declaration (As per Prescribed format) (Mandatory after one year)
  • Witnesses of two credible persons like Sarpanch/ Panch/ Municipal Councilor/ MLA/ MP or Gazetted Officer under state rule 11 (Mandatory if Date of Death after one year)
  • Voter card or Ration card for proof of residence (Mandatory if Date of Death after one year )
  • Non – availability certificate on the year of occurrence of an event (Mandatory after one year)

Application Process

Online Application Process:

Step 1: To apply online, visit the official State Portal of Punjab and click on Citizen Login link.

Step 2: In case of a new user, click on “New User” link, else login with the Username and Password.

Step 3: Logging in for the first time requires the user to update the profile.

Step 4: Click “Fresh Application” link in the left menu.

Step 5: Choose the service from the list of department wise services and click the “Apply” link next to the service.

Step 6: Fill in the form and click “Submit” after verifying the produced details.

Step 7: Click “View Saved Application” link to verify, select the application and click “Upload Supporting Documents” button.

Step 8: Upload the supporting documents and submit.

Offline Application Process:

The applicant should fill the application form and must submit with the prescribed documents to their concerned District/Town Registrar. The copy of the application form is given below.

Punjab Form for Issuance of Death Certificate