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Punjab Caste Certificate


Punjab Caste Certificate

Caste certificate is a document which is issued by the Government to prove that a person belongs to a specific caste. Also, caste certificates enable the citizens to avail reservation of seats in legislatures, claim fees concession in schools and colleges, obtain special quotas in educational institutions and receive upper age limit relaxation for certain jobs. In this article, we look at the caste certificate with respect to its eligibility, features, benefits, and the procedure for application in detail.


Any person considering as a permanent resident of Punjab for the previous five years is eligible to obtain caste certificate in Punjab.

Benefits of the Certificate

The certificate offers the following benefits to the eligible citizens of the State:

  • Scholarships for Education
  • Reservation in IIT and IIM for SC Candidates
  • Reservation in Government Jobs
  • Reservation in Politics
  • Reservation in Pension Schemes
  • Reservation in Trains

Punjab Scheduled Castes Land Development and Finance Corporation (PSCFC)

The Punjab State Legislative Assembly initiates the Punjab Scheduled Castes Land Development and Finance Corporation with the objective of upliftment of economic conditions of the members of the Scheduled Castes (SC) in the State. This corporation deals with the various developmental schemes to cater to the SC categories.

Punjab Backward Classes Land Development and Finance Corporation (Backfinco)

Punjab Backward Classes Land Development and Finance Corporation, popularly known as Backfinco, is an establishment of the Punjab Government. The objective of this corporation is to undertake the economic upliftment of the members of the Backward Classes and Minorities in the State. Thus Backfinco enables them to avail financial assistance for self-employment programmes.

These tasks will be accomplished by Backfinco in collaboration with the other Corporations. Currently, it is associated with the National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation (NBCFDC) and National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC), New Delhi.

Documents Required

While applying for the caste certificate furnish the following documents:

Fee Structure

The Government charges a fee of Rs.10/- (Court Fee Stamp). Also, the caste certificate can be obtained from the Suwidha Centre by remitting a fee of Rs. 30/-

Online Application Procedure 

Step 1: Visit on the official portal of the Government of Punjab.


Step 2: In the case of the new user, click on “New User” link, else login with Username and  Password.

Step 3:  Now, update the necessary profile details

Step 4: Click on “Fresh Application” link in the left menu.


Step 5: Then, all department services will be listed on the screen.


Step 6: Click the “Apply” link next to the service option.

Step 7: For fresh application, go to Alternative 2 (Online Form application) section and click on “for online application” link.


Step 8: Fill out the form and click “Submit”.

Step 9: Click “View Saved Application” link, select the application and click “Upload Supporting Documents” button.

Step 10: Further, upload the supporting documents.


Note: On completion of the above processes, the Government issues the caste certificate within seven working days.