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Pondicherry Death Certificate


Pondicherry Death Certificate

The death certificate is a legal document that is issued by a medical examiner to the family members or the nearest relatives of the deceased. The certificate documents the fact, date and cause of the death. Registering deaths absolves the deceased from social, legal and official obligations. It is used to settle property issues, to inherit wealth by the right person, to enable the family to collect insurance and for other benefits. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining a death certificate in Pondicherry.

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Death Registrations

According to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969, every death has to be registered with the concerned State or Union Territory within 21 days of its occurrence. The government has allocated Register General in the centre and Chief Registrars in the States to help citizens to register the deaths. The following are the ways to register deaths:

  • If a death occurs in a house, the head of the household is eligible to register the death in the concerned Registrar Office.
  • If a death occurs in a hospital, the authorized person by the institution is responsible for registering the death in the respective Registrar Office.
  • If a death occurs in jail, the jail in-charge can register the death with the concerned Registrar Office.
  • If a death occurs in a public place, the local police in-charge or headman of the village can register the death.

Documents Required

To obtain a death certificate in Pondicherry, furnish the following documents along with the application:

  • Form 2 Death Report given by the medical authority.
  • Burial permission.
  • Proof of cause of death.
  • Identification proof of the deceased.
  • Aadhaar Card.

Application Procedure

The following are the steps that should be followed to apply for a death certificate:

Step 1: Log on to the official website

The applicant has to log on to the official website.


Step 2: Click on Services and Forms

The applicant has to click on the ‘Services and Forms’ tab in the portal.

Step 3: Select the Department

The applicant has to select the appropriate department, ‘Local Administration’.


Step 4: Click a link under Action

The applicant has to choose an appropriate submission method and click a link under ‘Action’.

Step 5:  Death Certificate appears

By clicking on the death certificate, the application form appears.

Step 6: Enter the details

The applicant has to enter the details in the application form.

Step 7: Upload Documents

The applicant has to scan and upload all the required documents with the application form.

Step 8: Submit the application

On uploading all the documents, the applicant has to submit the form in the online portal.

Step 9: Unique number and Password

Upon applying, the applicant receives a unique number and Password that can be used at the time of checking the status of the application.

Step 10: Verification Process

The authorities conduct the verification process to check the accuracy of the given details.

Step 11: Receiving the application

After completing all the application procedure, the applicant has to approach the authorities along with the original documents and then can receive the certificate.

Fee Structure

  • If registering a death within 30 days from the date of the event, requires a fee of Rs. 2 from the applicant.
  • If registering death within one year from the date of the event, requires a fee of Rs. 5 from the applicant.
  • If registering death after one year from the date of the event, requires a fee os Rs. 10 from the applicant.