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Nava Kerala Mission

Nava Kerala

Nava Kerala Mission

The Nava Kerala Mission announced in the Kerala Budget 2019-20, is launched by the Kerala Government to enhance the lives of the people in the State. The mission was started by the Governor and Chief Minister of the State on 10th November 2016 in Thiruvananthapuram. This initiative has been launched by the State Government to develop the state, especially after the floods. The Government has implemented various schemes to build housing, health, education and agriculture. Let us take a closer look at the multiple aspects of the mission.

The Objectives of Nava Kerala Mission

  • The Kerala government is striving to develop various sectors of the state.
  • With the help of civic bodies, the government plans to implement projects on time bound basis.
  • The four central schemes implemented by the state are for the enhancement of health, education, agriculture and housing with the help and involvement of local bodies.

Objectives of Nava Kerala Mission

The four sectors that are targeted by the Nava Kerala Mission are

  1. Health: The health condition of citizens is one of the primary aims of the mission. This includes how people are treated for various diseases. Most of the requirements that are needed for the scheme consists of having access to homes so that they live in a safer and more positive atmosphere.
  2. Education: This is the most supported sector by which new schools are constructed. These schools are built with well-established facilities that meet the standards of international schools.
  3. Agriculture: This sector will be supported immensely by the program. The developmental measures mainly require farmers with managing their lands and in promoting conservation.
  4. Sanitation: This sector will be developed by implementing new sanitation schemes to support water sources. The is with the inclusion of new houses and modern hospitals in the state that helps in creating a clean environment.

Four Missions of Nava Kerala Mission

The four specific mission that is launched in the Nava Kerala Mission is

  • Haritha Keralam
  • Ardram
  • Life Scheme
  • Education Scheme

Haritha Keralam

Haritha Keralam is designed with a goal to improve the sanitation in the State. The schemes under this initiative include the following.

  • Waste management schemes will be implemented to clear out wastes from commercial and residential places by disposing of wastes to secure sites where people and the environment will not face any consequences.
  • Purification and filtration of the water bodies will be established.
  • Organic farming will be promoted since many chemical-based farming solutions are unsanitary and are considered to be hazardous to the crops.

These sanitation plans help in keeping the health of the people in the state. Moreover, this benefits the economy as farming becomes secure and more comfortable to handle.


Ardram is a health-oriented mission in Nava Kerala. The scheme is for the cleanliness of the State and to organise various waste management schemes. The developments of the purpose include the following.

  • There will be the construction of new hospitals by the Government that caters the needs of the poor residents.
  • New funding and assistance for the state’s poorest residents will be made available. The primary aim is to provide them with easy and affordable healthcare services.
  • New medical facilities will be developed to aid the production of the medicines. This ensures that people receive the necessary treatments and medications that are required for several medical conditions.

Life Scheme

The Life Scheme is one part of Nava Kerala Mission that targets on building homes for homeless people. This aids more than 4 lakh families around the state that do not have any house or an adequate amount of land. The State Government has estimated that at least Rs. 6000 crore has to be spent to implement this project successfully. The production of new houses and the reservation of land spaces for those houses will be more expensive, but this is very important for families who are looking to lead positive lives in the State.

Education Scheme

The fourth part of the scheme is for the education sector of the State. Through this, many public schools will be made available to the citizens bringing up Nobel teaching methodologies. The features of all these schools will meet international standards.