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Nagaland Birth Certificate


Nagaland Birth Certificate

The birth certificate is an important identity document issued at the time of a person’s birth. The certificate records date, place and fact of an individual’s birth for various purposes such as to acquire the right to vote, admissions in schools, to enrol in government jobs, to declare the right age for Marriage, to settle disputes in inheritance, to own property rights and to obtain Government identity cards like passport, driving license, etc. In this article, we look at the process of obtaining a Nagaland birth certificate in detail.

Reasons to Obtain

Individuals have to obtain a birth certificate for various uses like passport application, proof of citizenship, social security, driver’s license, school registration and personal identification. Besides the given uses, the certificate can also be used for other legal purposes.

Registration of Birth

According to the Registration of Birth Act, 1969, it is mandatory to register every birth within 21 days of its occurrence to the concerned State and Union Territory. Indian Government has provided a well-organised system for easy registration of births to its citizens. The Government has appointed Registrar General at the Centre and the Chief Registrars in the States to monitor all the birth registrations.

Documents Required

To apply for a birth certificate in Nagaland, produce the following documents:

  • Name of the child.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Place of Birth.
  • Parents Occupation and Address.
  • Aadhaar Card
  • An affidavit if the child is 21 days older.

Application Procedure

The applicant can apply for birth certificates either through online method or offline method.

Online Method

Step 1: Approach the office

The applicant has to approach the Registrar of Births and Deaths or the concerned district offices.

Step 2: Obtain the form

The applicant has to obtain the application form from the respective officers.

Step 3: Enter the details

The applicant has to enter all the required details in the application form.

Step 4: Attach the Documents

The applicant then has to attach all the required documents along with the application form.

Step 5: Submit the Application

After completing all formalities, the applicant has to submit the application to the officer.

Step 6: Verification Process

Once the application is submitted, the authorities verify all the details given by the applicant.

Step 7: Issue of Certificate

After completing all the verification procedures, the certificate is issued to the applicant. The issued certificate is valid for a lifetime.

Offline Method

Step 1: Register with State Portal

The applicant has to register with the State Portal of Nagaland.

Step 2: Click on Submit Online

By clicking on Submit Online, the e-form appears on the screen.

Step 3: Enter the Details

Apart from general information. The applicant has to enter the following details in the e-form.

  •  Complete Address
  • Parents Address at the time
  • Permanent Address
  • Age of Mother at the time of Marriage
  • Age of Mother at the time giving birth to the child
  • Method of Delivery etc.

Step 4: Select the District

The applicant has to select the correct district by choosing the option, ‘Please select the district where you want your form to be processed.’

Step 5: Enclosing Documents

All the documents should be uploaded within 2MB size with the application.

Step 6: Receiving Transaction ID

Once the application is filed, the applicant receives a Transaction Id to track the status of the form.

Step 7: Payment Mode

The applicant has to pay the application fee only in the Department with the Transaction Id.

Step 8: Printing e-form

By clicking on the Print button, the applicant can print the e-form.

Fee Structure

  • A fee of Rs. 2 requires for a single entry in the first year of the search.
  • A fee of Rs. 2 needs for every additional year for the search.
  • A fee of Rs. 5 requires for granting extract relating to every birth.
  • A fee of Rs. 2 needs for granting non-availability certificate.

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