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Manipur Factory Registration

Manipur Factory Registration

Manipur Factory Registration

Manipur factory registration is mandated by the Manipur Factories Rules, 2016 to make sure that a factory abides by specified rules and safety guidelines. Upon registering a factory, the Government of Manipur issues a factory license. This license is a certificate of authorisation for granting permission to regulate and carry out manufacturing process from a particular locality. This article examines the procedure for obtaining Manipur factory registration.

Factories Act, 2016

According to the Factories Rule, any person who wants to construct or extend an existing building as the factory in Manipur has to get prior permission from the concerned authority in advance before the commencement of the construction.

The Factories Rules is established with an aim to ensure the installation of appropriate safety measures and to encourage the health and welfare of the employees employed in the factories. Besides, it strives to curtail the hazardous growth of factories. To complete the Manipur Factory Registration and to get a factory license, the applicant needs to follow these steps:

  • Obtain Consent for Establishment – Approval of Plan and Permission to Construct or extending an existing building as a factory
  • Obtain Consent for Manufacturing – Registration of Factory and Get license under the Factories Rule, 2016

Eligibility Criteria

  • Factory using power-driven machinery in a manufacturing process where ten or more employees are employed or working on any day of the prior year is required to get a factory license.
  • The Manipur Factory license is mandatory for factory engaged in manufacturing process without the aid of power where twenty or more employees are employed or were working on any day of the preceding year.
  • The factory is employing less than ten workers for the following manufacturing process as declared in section 85 of the Factories Act, 1948.
    • Manufacturing process using explosives or highly flammable articles or substances
    • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
    • Manufacturing process-involving repair of motorcycles and motor vehicles
    • Manufacturing of Leather Goods
    • Fireworks manufacturing and its packaging units
    • Manufacturing of ice using ammonia refrigerant
    • Pesticides formulation units
    • Manufacturing, handling and processing of asbestos and products

When to Apply?

Application for Factory Plan Approval

Before starting construction or expanding an existing building as a factory, the entrepreneur needs to apply for approval of the factory plan and to obtain permission.

Application Factory License

If the application for approval of factory plans and permission to construct or extend existing building as a factory has been accepted and before the commencement of manufacturing operation, you can register the factory in Manipur and apply for a factory license.

Licensing Authority

Commerce & Industries Department, Government of Manipur, facilitates the process of Manipur Factory Registration. Factories can run only with the license issued by the Chief Inspector of Factories (CIF), Manipur, under the Factories Act, 1948.

Validity of License

The permission and plan approval granted under the Manipur Factories Rules to construct or extending any building as a factory is valid for a lifetime from the date of issue. Every license granted under Manipur Factories Rules will remain in force up to 31st December of the year for which the license is granted.

Renewal of Jharkhand Factory License

The Manipur factory licensee needs to renew every year. The due date of renewal of Manipur factory license is 31st December of a year before the year for which license is required.

Applicable Fee

The Manipur factory registration and license fees are calculated according to some workers employed and installed power in HP or KW of the types of machinery. The fee for obtaining Manipur factory license is rupees one hundred.

  • The license will be renewed only on payment of a fee twenty-five per cent more than the fee ordinarily payable for the renewal of the license
  • Where a license granted under these rules is lost or accidentally destroyed, a duplicate will be issued on payment of rupees one hundred.

Documents Required

Documents Required for Manipur Factory Registration is explained in detail below:

  • Flowchart of the manufacturing process accompanied by a detailed description of the process in its various stages
  • Plan in ammonia or blueprint was drawn to proper scale showing
    • The site of the factory and immediate surroundings including the adjacent buildings and other structures
    • The plan elevation and a constant cross-section of the various buildings indicating all relevant information escape routes in case of fire. The plans will also clearly indicate the position of plant and Assistant Engineer or Assistant Architect should sign machinery, the passageway
  • Land ownership certificate from SDC
  • Non-encumbrance certificate of the land issued by Sub Register
  • Special power of attorney if the property is not standing in the name of the applicant
  • No objection certificate from local authority viz. Gram Panchayat, Municipality, Town Committee
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from immediate neighbours certified by Local authority
  • List of raw materials with the physical and chemical properties and danger limits
  • List of products (including by-products) with their physical and chemical properties and dangerous limits
  • List of machinery with their HP and other capacity and detailed number of employees
  • Chemical data sheets and safety manuals in case of chemical factories
  • Approval letter from explosive Department In case of factories using the manufacturing explosive substances
  • Copy of approval from the water-air pollution control board in case of factories polluting water or air
  • Approval letter from prohibition Department in case of factories using/manufacturing prohibited substances
  • Details of safety fitting, equipment, device and measures to be adopted with a list of protective wears and fire protection to be provided
  • Declaration by the applicant the genuineness of the documents submitted by him/her

Manipur Factory Registration Application Procedure

The application procedure to complete Manipur Factory Registration and get a license is explained in detail here:

Application Procedure for Factory Plan Approval

Step 1: The occupier of every factory is required to be submitting an application form in a prescribed format, accompanied by documents mentioned above at the Chief Inspector  Office.

Application 1

Verification by the Chief Inspector of Factories    

Step 2: The Chief Inspector of Factories of the concerned districts in which the factory is to be constructed will verify the application for plan approval. After verification, the Chief Inspector of Factories (CIF) will forward his/her recommendation to the higher authority.

Verification by Director

Step 3: In case, the application and the plans agree with the statutory requirements of the Manipur Factories Rules, the concerned authority will approve the factory plan after verifying the recommendations of the concerned Chief Inspector of Factories.

Get Approval Letter

Step 4: The concerned Chief Inspector of Factories upon approval of the factory plans will sign and return one set of Factory Building Plans to the occupier, along with the approval letter.

Application Procedure for Manipur Factory Registration

An occupier of a factory needs to obtain a License under the provisions of the Manipur Factories Rules.

Step 1: The occupier is required to make an Application to the Office of the Chief Inspector of Factories, to get the factory license.

Application 2

Verification by Chief Inspector of Factories

Step 2: The concerned authority will scrutinise the application, and in case any defect is noticed, the defect will be communicated to the occupier through a letter, pointing out the defects.

Step 3: Once the application is completed in all aspect, a committee member of factories to assess suitability for grant of License will inspect the factory premises.

Get factory license

If factory conforms to the statutory limits, the Director of Factories will grant factory the license.

Renewal of Factory License

The Chief Inspector will renew the Manipur Factory license. Every application for the renewal of a factory license will have to be made in prescribed application form The factory license renewal application should be made not less than two months before the date on which the license expires. If the application is made, the premises will be held to be duly licensed until such date as the Chief Inspector renews the license. The same fee will be charged for the renewal of a license as for the grant.

If the application for license renewal is not received within the time specified, the license will be renewed on payment of a fee twenty-five per cent more than the fee ordinarily payable for renewal of the license.  Every license renewed under this rule shall remain in force up to the 31st December of the year for which the license is renewed.