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Manaswini Scheme for Poor Women


Manaswini Scheme for Poor Women

Karnataka Government launched Manaswini Scheme in the year 2013, to protect unmarried, separated and divorced women in rural areas. This is an assistance programme to comfort poor people living. Under this scheme, the Government of Karnataka provides a pension to unmarried and divorced poor women in the state. This article examines the Karnataka Manaswini Scheme importance and its application procedure in detail.

Manaswini Scheme at a Glance

The objective of Manaswini Scheme is to protect poor unmarried, separated and divorced women in rural areas who suffer from social taboo without any freedom to participate in the socio-economic development of Karnataka.

Poor women usually lack economic support from their respective families. Taking this into consideration these aspects and to lend a helping hand for their sustenance, Government of Karnataka launched Manaswini scheme

Eligibility for Manaswini Scheme

Eligibility criteria for Manaswini Pension are below for reference:

  • Women should be a resident of Karnataka
  • Unmarried and Divorced women who are having BPL card (Falling under Below Poverty Line) can apply for this Manaswini Scheme
  • Age should be between 40 to 64 years

Manaswini Scheme Pension Amount

All eligible Pensioners will get monthly pension amount of Rs. 500 through their bank account.

Manaswini Scheme Pension Plan Ends

If the eligible pensioners cross 64 years, they will automatically be entitled to the old-age pension scheme. In case the eligible pensioner gets married or gets a job they will cease to be beneficiaries.

Documents Required for Manaswini Scheme

Below mentioned documents are necessary at the time of applying for Manaswini Scheme:

  • Identity Proof Aadhaar card
  • BPL card
  • Bank account or Post office account details
  • Manaswini Scheme application form
  • Income certificate
  • A self-declaration affidavit stating their marital status

Applying for Manaswini Scheme

The procedure to apply Manaswini scheme is below for reference:

Step 1: Fill the application form and attach all documents as mentioned above.


Step 2: Submit all documents along with the application to Atlaji Janasnehi Kendras of Revenue Department in Karnataka.

Get Monthly Pension

Once the verification is complete, the beneficiary will start getting monthly pension amount of Rs. 500 to bank or post office account.