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LimeRoad Registration

Limeroad Registration

LimeRoad Registration

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E-commerce is booming in our country and shopping portal like Limeroad has revolutionised the online shopping experience for Indian consumers. Limeroad is a fashion and lifestyle ecommerce business flatform launched in October 2012 by Mr.Suchi Mukherjee. Creative models like cash on delivery and same day delivery sponsored by very low prices have spurred more customers to purchase online, making LimeRoad a  successful electronic commerce store. There is a enormous business opportunity for those who sell on LimeRoad by becoming a LimeRoad seller. In this article, we look at the procedure for becoming a Limeroad seller.

Categories of product selling through LimeRoad

This social shopping platform offers a wide range of products right from clothing to accessories, shoes, beauty products, lifestyle and home decor categories. Anyone who designs fashion garments manufacturers apparels ordeals in clothing and fabrics can get on the Limeroad marketplace and start selling.

LimeRoad Seller Registration

To sell products on Limeroad, you have to create a LimeRoad seller account. You can start Limeroad seller registration through the Limeroad app. Only the thing need is that a couple of product images with few details are required for LimeRoad Registration. Limeroad offered the app for free to sellers at this moment.

Information required for LimeRoad Registration-

LimeRoad Registration – LimeRoad Seller App

The LimeRoad seller app serves as a dashboard to upload product images and details to the storefront on Limeroad.

  • Seller has to fill little information such as name, PAN number, name, bank details GST and address besides supplying documentary proofs.
  • LimeRoad Registration process takes less than an hour, and the seller will receive confirmation message for making the storefront active in six hours or so after which you can take the process further.
  • Once the registration process is completed, you can set up unique logo, banner and name for the online store.
  • Upload photographs of the products, images should be genuine and fall under the permitted categories to sell products on LimeRoad.

Note: Seller can upload as many as seven images per product

Vendor Agreement

The Company LimeRoad will act as Vendor’s service provider for providing various services about the sale of the products as agreed under the Vendor Agreement and the use of the portal for enabling promotion and advertisement of the products.

Commission Charge for Sales

Once the customer receives the seller ships the product and it, Limeroad will release payment considering a fifteen days cycle. The commission range will be from 25% to 30%. These commission charges need to be paid as a service charge. Seller needs to bear this in mind while pricing the products.

The company will offer certain discounts during the year wherein the discount percentage and sharing ratio will be decided mutually between the seller and the Company from time to time.

Services Provided by the Company

  • The company will operate the customer helpdesk for other inquiries concerning products and orders, customer complaints and grievances
  • The company will describe each of its Products including the technical report of the products, the brand name of the product, the price of the product and the applicable warranty terms.
  • The company will also do vendor rating based on vendor performance and customer reviews

Sell Products on LimeRoad

Once the LimeRoad store is live, the seller can share it with the customer through the network using WhatsApp, FaceBook, email, SMS, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. Once the seller starts selling he/she can manage products on Limeroad using this app.

Note: Before the advertising the product on the website, the Company will carry out a quality assessment of the samples provided by the seller for the shoot based on the relevant quality parameters prescribed by the vendor.

  • Products order can be managed from the order management section in the LimeRoad app.
  • Seller needs to pack product using own packaging materials at personal cost and make shipment to the customer.

Note: Seller can show shipping included in the price or charge extra.

Obligations of the Vendor

Vendor will be responsible for all warranty and after sales services relating to the products as per its standard product warranty and maintenance contracts. LimeRoad seller term and conditions are given here: