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Kerala Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme


Kerala Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme

The Government of Kerala provides financial assistance to inter-caste married couples under the Kerala inter-caste marriage scheme. To avail of this benefit, couples from different caste need to submit an intercaste marriage certificate. Sub-registrar offices in Kerala issue this certificate to inter-caste married couples. In this article, we look at the Kerala inter-cast marriage scheme in detail.

Register Marriage at Sub Register Office

Inter-caste married couple should get a marriage registration certificate from Sub Register office where the marriage has happened to apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate. The registration certificate will be issued within two weeks from the date of registration.

Documents Required 

Supporting documents need to be furnished to obtain an inter-caste marriage certificate in Kerala is listed below:

  • Ration card
  • Income certificate of both wife and husband
  • Caste certificate of couples
  • Marriage registration certificate (Certificate issued by Sub Registrar’s office)
  • Identity proof such as Aadhaar card or voter ID

Kerala inter-caste marriage certificate will be issued 7 days from the date of application. 

Inter0caste Marriage Certificate Application Fee

The applicant needs to pay the following fees for applying the inter-caste marriage certificate in Kerala:

  • To apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate through Akshaya centres in Kerala, applicants need to pay Rs.28. (This amount includes all service charges)
  • Inter-caste marriage certificate online application fee is Rs.15.

Applying for Inter-caste Marriage Certificate through Akshaya Centers

Follow this simple step to apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate through Akshaya Centers:

 Step 1: Visit Akshaya Centres in the locality.

Step 2: Apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate with the help of Akshaya centre service person.

Step 3: Pay the fees for application and service charges.

Step 4: After submission of application, get a receipt for future reference.

Step 5: The applicant will get an SMS regarding the progress of the inter-caste marriage certificate application.

Step 6: Once the department receives the application, the applicant will get an SMS as ‘certificate approved’. Once approved,  they can get their digitally signed inter-caste marriage certificate.

Applying for Inter-caste Marriage Certificate Online

Guidelines to apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate online in Kerala is given below:

Step 1: Visit Kerala e-District web portal main page.

Step 2: Log in to the portal using the e-portal user name and password.

Home page Inter Caste – Marriage Certificate in Kerala

Step 3: In the case of a new user, click on the portal user registration link in the main page.

Step 4: The page will redirect to the next page, enter all the details for registration.

Portal user Inter Caste – Marriage Certificate in Kerala

Step 5: After registration, click on the one-time registration button.

Step 6: Select duplicate verification. This verification will find out if the applicant has already registered through any Akshaya Centers.

Step 7: After successful verification, click on submit button.

Enter Certificate Details

Step 8: Enter the e-District register number and select certificate type and its purpose.

Step 9: Enter the name and all other details. Click on save button to save entered details.

Attachment Documents

Step 10: In this section, the applicant needs to upload all required documents as said above.

Note: The applicant can attach only PDF file. The maximum allowable file size is 100 KB.

Make Payment

Step 11: After uploading documents, make payment for processing inter-caste marriage certificate. The applicant can make payment by using any of the following:

  • Payment through Debit card or Credit card
  • Payment through Net banking
  • Wallet payment
  • IMPS
  • Cash card prepaid

Step 12: After the successful fee payment, the page will be redirected to the next page. From here, the applicant can take a print out of inter-caste certificate receipt and application.

Download Inter-caste Marriage Certificate

Step 13: Check frequently the status of the application by login to the portal. It will be available in the transaction history tab. After receiving a certificate approved SMS, download certificate from the e-District web portal.