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How do I Register for a Trademark?

How do I register for a Trademark

How do I Register for a Trademark?

Registering a trademark is an important step to protect your business and its brand. A trademark is a form of intellectual property that consists of a recognisable symbol, design, or expression used to identify goods or services as coming from a specific source and set them apart from those offered by other parties. The owner of a trademark may be an individual, a company, or another legal body. A trademark could be found on the product, a label, a voucher, or a package. Sometimes trademarks used to distinguish services are referred to as service marks.The present article examines the basic procedure to Register for a Trademark.

Benefits of Registering a Trademark

The necessity to rebrand is eliminated when one registers a trademark to prevent market impersonation of one’s goods or services. In order to safeguard one’s rights and protect intellectual property, it is imperative to register a trademark in India. Everyone who wants to start their own business should be aware of the many benefits that come with trademark registration.

Protects your business identity 

A trademark helps to protect the identity of your business by distinguishing it from other businesses.

Enhances public recognition

Registering your trademark with the relevant authorities ensures that your business and its products or services become known to the public.

Prevents others from using your trademark

A trademark registration prevents other businesses from using your brand name or logo without authorisation.

Gives you legal protection

A registered trademark gives you the legal right to act against anyone who infringes upon your trademark.

Increases the value of your brand

A trademark registration increases the value of your brand, as it is recognised by the public and protected by the law.

Establishes credibility

Registering a trademark helps to establish a credible reputation in the market, as customers recognise and trust the brand.

Gives you exclusive rights to use the trademark

Registering a trademark gives you exclusive rights to use the trademark in your business activities.

General Process of Registering a Trademark

An applicant has to follow the below steps to register and maintain their trademark.

  • Conduct a Trademark Search before applying.
  • File for Registration.
  • The application is then examined by an examiner for any errors.
  • The mark is then published by the registry so that anyone who has an objection may come forth.
  • A registration certificate with the seal of the Trademark Office is issued once the application for trademark registration has been approved and has been published in the Trademark Journal.
  • The trademark is to be renewed every 10 years.

Register with the Government Site

  • There are two ways to register a trademark: physically or electronically (Online Trademark Registration India). As e-filing is more feasible, the following are the simplified steps to register your trademark with the official government site.
  • The first step is to sign up on the Trademark Office Portal. The applicant may log in after registering by using either their user ID or digital signature. (a class 3 digital signature certificate in order to file trademark applications electronically.)
  • The applicant can submit a trademark application through the IAOI (International Applications Originating from India) for Madrid Trademark, or the new applications link for domestic applications. Either link will take you to the page where all the information must be entered.
  • Click the save button after entering the information in order to obtain a provisional application number.
  • The application must then be signed using a digital signature.
  • Pay the online trademark registration payment. Payment receipts are instantly generated.
  • Immediately following the fulfilment of the payment, the permanent application number is generated.

Register with IndiaFilings

The procedure of registering a trademark in India is made simple at IndiaFilings.

  • A designated Business Advisor is assigned to the applicant.
  • We conduct the Trademark search and classification of your goods/services.
  • We send the applicant ‘Form 48’, which is the form for Power of Attorney. The client must print, sign, and send us the soft copy.
  • We fill in your application form and send it to the applicant to cross-check
  • Once approved, the application is then sent to the registry, and the permanent application number is generated.
  • In the case of Objection or Opposition, we assign an IP lawyer for the applicant to reply and attend the hearings on the applicant’s behalf.