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GST Helpline


GST Helpline – How to Contact GST Department

The Government has created a GST helpline with an army of Tax Officials and Executives to make the transition to GST easier for millions of business taxpayers in India. The GST helpline can be contacted by persons registered under GST and the common man for assistance with any matter relating to GST like GST registration, GST return filing, GST payments, etc., In this article, we provide details of GST helpline with contact number and emails.

GST Helpline Phone

Persons registered on the GST Portal or entities wishing to obtain GST registration can contact the GST Portal helpline. The contact number of GST Portal helpline is 0120-4888999. The GST department also added GST Portal Toll-Free Number: 1800-103-4786 to assist further. Taxpayers can contact this number to receive support with matters relating to GST registration, GST return filing, GST payments and access to GST Portal.

GST Helpline Email

Taxable persons having GST Portal or entities wishing to obtain GST registration can also get in touch with the GST department over email. The email address of GST Help Desk is [email protected]. The email helpdesk of GST Portal can also provide support relating to GST registration, GST return filing, GST payments and access to GST Portal.


In addition to the GST Helpdesk, the Central Board of Excise and Customs also maintains a GST helpdesk which can also be approached for help with GST matters. The contact details of CBECMITRA helpdesk is as follows:

GST Helpdesk on Twitter

The GST department maintains a very active presence on social media. You can follow the official GST Department account on Twitter to receive recent updates and also tweet GST queries directly to the Department.

GST Helpdesk on Facebook

Similar to the presence on Twitter, GST Department also maintains a Facebook page with recent updates. However, the GST Department has a larger following on Twitter and posts more frequent updates on Twitter rather than Facebook. The following is the Facebook Page of GST Department.

GST Department on Youtube

If you would like to learn about filing GST return or using the GST Portal, the best place to find resources would be the GST Department Youtube Channel. The GST Department regularly updates various training material on its Youtube Channel. Hence, it is best to subscribe to the Youtube Channel of GST Department.

GST Department on LinkedIn

The GST Department also maintains a LinkedIn page. Though not frequently updated like the Twitter and Facebook account, it can still help you find persons or employees associated with the GST Department.

GST Seva Kendra

In case you would like to directly visit a GST Department Office, you can walk-in to the nearest GST Seva Kendra. GST Seva Kendra’s or GST Facilitation Centre’s have been established by the Ministry of Finance to serve taxpayers registered under GST. All GST Seva Kendra’s have resources and manpower available to improve GST compliance and assist small businesses and new Entrepreneurs better under GST rules and regulations.

GST Seva Kendra Headquarters are tasked with providing assistance for GST registration and GST compliance by offering the following:

  1. Information brochures, documents, Trade Notices, forms etc.
  2. Assistance to taxpayers in helping them understand legal provisions, procedures and documents.
  3. Helping with the expeditious disposal of their GST applications, references etc. pending with any Departmental authority in the Commissionerate.
  4. Assisting the taxpayers in getting requisite support from GSTN/DG Systems, CBIC.
  5. Enhancing taxpayer satisfaction under GST, an area of critical importance to Government, by careful analysis of the prescribed ‘Taxpayer Satisfaction Forms’ for identifying areas of improvement.

GST Sectoral Working Groups

The GST Council has formed GST Sectoral Working Groups for the smooth rollout of GST. After the rollout of GST, Sectoral Working Groups will help the GST Council address GST related problems faced by each of the sectors represented by them. Sectoral Working Groups consists of Senior Officers of the Central and State Government. The following are the contact details of GST Sectoral Working Groups.

GST Help – Sectoral Working Groups

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