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Goa Society Registration


Goa Society Registration

Society or association is an organized group of people with an aim and objective of non-profitable service. As per the provision of Goa Societies Registration Act, 2001 Act, society can be registered in the Registrar office in which district the society is intended to be established. Registration of society will have legal recognition, and it will be possible to run society legally with discipline. In this article, we look at the procedure for Goa Society Registration in detail.

Purpose of Society Registration

As per the provision of Societies Registration (Goa) Act, 2001, society is as an association of individuals united together by agreement to deliberate, determine and cooperate for the following reasons:

  • Promotion of education, science, the literature of fine arts.
  • For maintaining the library or reading room for common use among the members or upon to the public.
  • Promotion of Khadi and Village industry and social welfare.
  • Instruction or diffusion of useful knowledge or political education.
  • Works of art, the collection of natural history
  • Military orphan funds
  • Instruction or diffusion of useful knowledge or political education
  • Foundation or maintenance or libraries.
  • Mechanical and philosophical inventions, instruments or designs
  • Public museums and galleries of paintings.
  • Establishment and maintenance of galleries of paintings and other works of art.
  • Establishment and maintenance of public museums.
  • Works of art, the collection of natural history.

Acceptability of Names for Society

Place or society should not have the same names as per the provisions of Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950. If the name is registered or prohibited by State or Central  Government are not allowed for society. Besides, the Government does not permit to make use of emblems and names, and the name of Indian Institute or University.

Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Memorandum of Association of Society also as NGO (Non-governmental organization) registration form in which MOA contains society name, aim and objects, occupations of the members.

Bye-Laws of Society

Bye-Laws serves for the following specific purposes and also as evidence of Society Registration in Goa.

  • For identifying society’s name and address.
  • Information related to activities of the society.
  • Details of the manner of meetings to be held, quorum, function and responsibilities.
  • Society membership details include admission, eligibility, withdrawal and termination of members.
  • Details of office bearers and their appointment, removal, recall and election.
  • Data’s related to internal matters of the settlement of civil disputes and dissolution of the society.
  • Finances related data’s such as types of funds and liability of members for the discharge of debts.

Required Documents

To apply for the Goa Society Registration, furnish the following documents along with the application:

  • Four copies of bye-laws of the society
  • A certificate from the bank, which should state the credit balance in favour of the proposed society.
  • A list of persons who contribute the capital amount and the entrance fee paid by them.
  • A copy of the scheme should include the details explaining the society’s economic growth and sustainability and where it envisages the holding of immovable property by the society, the description of the purchase of immovable property for the society.
  • A copy of file resolution passed at the promoter’s meeting while appointing the Chief Promoter, which should be duly signed by the promoters.

Note:- The application form should be made in the prescribed form “A”, which must be correctly filled and signed by at least ten persons, and in case of “Housing Societies” by at least five members.

Application Procedure for Goa Society Registration

The step by step guidelines to register a society in Goa is in detail below:

Step 1: To register a Society Registration in Goa, the applicant should prepare the application, required documents and the affidavit in a prescribed format.

Step 2:  Draft a Memorandum of Association and By-Laws of the society. Also, the Memorandum and By-Laws are strictly to be as per the guidelines in Society Registration Act and must be used only for the charitable purpose.

Step 3: Then take the address proof of all the members of the society and one of the registered address of the society. Draft a Board Resolution where all the members had desired to form a society together with the approval of the name of the society.

Step 4: Finally, the applicant should submit all the application form to the Assistant Registrar of the concerned jurisdiction of Goa Regional Office along with required documents.