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Gem & Jewellery Replenishment (Gem Rep) License 


Gem & Jewellery Replenishment (Gem Rep) License

To promote the growth of the Gem and Jewellery sector, the government has introduced the Import Replenishment Scheme (REP). The Gem & Jewellery Replenishment (Gem Rep) License under the scheme is provided to exporters as an incentive for increased export activity and replenishment of the inputs used for the exports. Manufacturer-exporters, merchant exporters, and Export Houses holding eligibility certificates are eligible for the Gem Rep license.

Replenishment Licence

The exporters of gem and jewelry products are eligible for the grant of Replenishment Licences to import and replenish the inputs.

  • Exports through a third party are appropriate for Gem & Jewellery Replenishment License.
  • A replenishment license may also issue for the import of consumables and studded jewelry.
  • An exporter may apply for a license for the import of rough diamonds:

Exporter Eligibility

An exporter may apply for a license to import rough diamonds equal to the best export performance of cut and polished diamonds in any licensing year during the preceding three licensing years if they have a minimum of three licensing years of export performance.

  • The exporter can apply for Gem REP Licences against a valid export order in their name.
  • An exporter of cut and polished diamonds, a status holder, can also get the license to import the cut and polished diamonds Upto 5% of the export performance of the preceding year of cut and polished diamonds.

Gem REP Authorisations

Gem REP Authorizations are valid for the import of precious Replenishment stones, semi-precious and synthetic stones, and pearls. In Authorisations addition, it is reasonable for the importance of empty jewelry boxes up to 5% of the value of Authorization within its overall Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) value. Gem REP Authorizations issued against the export of studded gold/silver/platinum jewelry articles; it is valid for import of cut and polished precious, semi-precious precious stone up to 10% of CIF value of Authorization within its overall CIF value.

Replenishment Rate

Sl.No Export Product Replenishment Rate

Import Item


Polished, Processed Pearls 65
  • Real or Cultured Pearls
2 Cut and Polished Emeralds/ Rubies/ Sapphires 80
  • Emeralds Uncut and Unset
  • Rubies Uncut and Unset
  • Sapphires Uncut and Unset
  • Precious stones unset, including
  • in tumbled/ broken/ sliced/ damaged form

3 Cut and Polished precious stones and semi-precious-precious stones 60
  • Precious or semi-precious stones unset & uncut
  • Rough semi-precious stones in
  • tumbled/ broken/ sliced/ damaged
  • form


Jewelry containing palladium and studded/strung with diamonds, precious or semi-precious-precious, precious stones, real or cultured pearls, and synthetic/ imitation stones provided the value of synthetic/ imitation stones do not exceed 10% of the FOB value of

Jewelry excluding the value of the meta

  • Diamonds Uncut and 50
  • Unset Precious or Semipreciousprecious
  • stones uncut and unset
  • Real or Cultured Pearls unset/undrilled
  • Rough Semipreciousprecious stones in tumbled/ broken/ sliced/ damaged form
  • Empty Jewelry Boxes (1 %)


Cut or Polished synthetic stones 50
  • Rough synthetic stones cubic zirconia
6 Cut & Polished Onyx   50  Sliced Onyx.
7 Imitation Jewellery/ costume jewelry studded or strung with synthetic imitation stones/ plastic beads, wooden beads, glass beads, false pearls, glass, etc. 30
  • Glass beads, fake pearls, and drink in stock lots of Rough synthetic stones
  • Metal fittings, findings, components & accessories required for imitation jewelry
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Empty Jewellery Boxes (1 %)

Replenishment Scale for studded jewelry

In the case of studded gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, the value of Gem Replenishment Authorization is based on the remaining FOB value of exports after deducting the Cost of gold/ silver/ platinum, including considerable wastage. The scale of replenishment and the item of import is as follows:


Gem Replenishment Scale

Percentage of entitlement on remaining FOB Value of exports


Cut and polished Emeralds,

Rubies/ Sapphires in Jewellery

They are valued Upto US $ 350 per carat FOB.

  •  60% for uncut and unset Emeralds, Rubies/Sapphires



Cut and polished Emeralds/

Rubies/Sapphires in Jewellery valued above US$ 350 per carat FOB.

  •   80% for uncut and unset Emeralds, Rubies/Sapphires

 All varieties of semi-precious, precious stones and synthetic stones

  • 50% on the FOB value of such stones
4 Pearls
  • 60% on the FOB value of such gems.
5 Plain Gold/Silver Jewellery and articles
  • 50%
6 Plain platinum Jewellery and articles
  • 50%

Replenishment of Precious Metals from Nominated Agencies

Exporters of gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, including mountings and findings, may obtain gold, silver, and platinum as input for an export product from Nominated Agency in advance or as replenishment after export following the procedure prescribed.

REP Licence against Rough Diamonds

The shipping of rough diamonds is permissible for imports against the relevant Bill of Entry for replenishment benefit. To claim a REP license against such export of rough diamonds, the exporter shall furnish a Bill of Entry in his name for imports of rough diamonds. While issuing the REP licenses, the licensing authority shall make a suitable endorsement on the original Bill of Entry to avoid further use of the same Bill of Entry for claiming additional REP Licences.

The validity of the Gem & Jewellery Replenishment License

The validity of Replenishment Authorization for Gem & Jewellery is two years from the date of issue.

Documents for Gem & Jewellery Replenishment License

  • Copy of IEC copy of valid RCMC and Membership certificate issued by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council
  • Copy of Councils approval letter
  • Original custom’s attested packing list
  • Unique custom’s attested invoice along with a photocopy.
  • Unsold Invoice.
  • Sold Invoice.
  • BRC / FIRC in original with photocopy
  • Bill of entry
  • SBI Booking Rate Copy
  • GR Form
  • Export promotion copy of shipping bill
  • Appendix 22F in three sets
  • Proforma Invoice

Filing of Application

The application needs to submit within six months following the month/quarter during which the export proceeds. For export proceeds realized during the month/quarter, consolidated applications for the entire month/quarter need to submit.

  •  In the case where part payment has been realized against an invoice, the application for REP license may be made within six months following the month during which part payment was recognized, and provided;
  • The first such application needs to be made after 50% of the proceeds of the invoice are realized.
  • Suppose payment is received in advance and exports take place subsequently. In that case, the application for the REP license needs to be submitted within six months following the month during which the commodities are made.

Application Procedure

To get the Gem & Jewellery Replenishment (Gem Rep) License, the applicant needs to access the official website of DGFT. From the home page, click on the service and click on Gems & Jewellery Schemes.

The link will redirect to a new page. Select the Issuance of Replenishment option. After login into the portal, the applicant can apply for the license. Once the application is accepted, the license will be issued.