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E-MPS Facility – Make Online DGFT Payment

E-MPS Payment

E-MPS Facility – Make Online DGFT Payment

The Directorate General of foreign trade (DGFT) has launched the concept of the e-MPS facility to support, ease and promote online payments for various applications made with the DGFT department. By facilitating online payment and the submission of applications online, the DGFT department wishes to usher in an era of fast processing and transparency. Before making a E-MPS payment with the DGFT department, the applicant must have the following requisites:

Requirement for Making E-MPS Payment

To make an E-MPS payment, the payee must have the following:

Using E-MPS Payment

E-MPS payment can be used by importers and exporters for making online payment for miscellaneous purposes. E-MPS payment need not be used for import export code registration, as there is already an online payment facility for IE Code registration. For all other payments to the DGFT department, E-MPS payment can be used by an importer or exporter. Before making an E-MPS payment, the exporter or importer will generate an ECOM Reference Number and can make the single / multiple payments against it after selecting the appropriate subject, scheme, DGFT officer or other details.

After making an E-MPS payment the applicant must print the receipt through print option and present it to the concerned DGFT RA authority along with the application for which he has made payment. On submission, DGFT official will authenticate the payment details using ECOM Reference Number and mark it as USED. In case of multiple payments on a single ECOM Reference Number, DGFT official needs to select all the payments one by one and mark them USED. A unique DGFT Reference Number will be generated for each payment detail which can be used by concerned DGFT office for reference purpose.

E-MPS Payment Portal

To make an E-MPS portal, visit E-MPS Payment Portal. Once, logged in using the Digital Signature, follow the steps below to make an E-MPS payment.


Import Export Code

The Import Export Code is a primary document necessary for commencing Import-export activities. The IE code is to be obtained for exporting or importing goods or services. IEC has numerous benefits for the growth of the business. Indeed, you cannot ignore the necessity of IE code registration, as it is mandatory. You can apply for an Import Export code through IndiaFilings and obtain it within 6 to 7 days