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Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certification

Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certification

Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certification

The Government of India (GoI) established Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) on 1st March 2002 under the provisions of Energy Conservation Act, 2001. BEE was started to develop policies and build strategies with a push towards self-regulation to achieve energy efficiency.

BEE will be monitored by the Ministry of Power to enhance delivery mechanisms, provide leadership and create conservation policies leading to efficient energy preservation.

Objective of BEE

  • Frame policy at the national level for energy conservation
  • Measure, monitor and verify the results of the energy conservation
  • Help SMEs and MSMEs to establish and implement energy consumption

Regulatory activities by BEE

  • Creating a standard for appliances and design scheme for the products through star ratings in various appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, AC, fans, pump, etc.
  • Regulating the star ratings
  • BEE develops energy efficiency code for industries and buildings
  • Development of norms for the consumption of energy
  • Certification for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors who can perform energy audits

Promotional activities by BEE

  • BEE develops promotional programs for star rating, energy efficiency and awareness
  • Organizes training for members involved in handling energy efficiency projects
  • Development of testing and certification procedures and promotion of testing facilities
  • Promotion of innovative financing of energy efficiency projects
  • Preparation of educational curriculum on the efficient use of energy and ways to conserve
  • Provides financial assistance to institutions for the promotion of efficient use of energy

Standards and Labeling Program

BEE establishes the standards and star rating for different appliances. The star ratings define the standard of energy efficiency where it helps the people an informed choice of energy performance and cost. For certification, the manufactured products will be subjected to the tests as designed by BEE. As the certification helps to gain trust from a consumer, BEE constantly refines the standards and certification procedures to improve energy efficiency.

BEE Rating Certification

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rating certificate is issued by the BEE indicating the level of compliance done by an organisation about the standards and guidelines issued by the bureau. The certificate is framed to regulate, audit the time intervals, monitor and improve energy efficiency.

Types of Certification

  • Accredited Energy Auditors
  • Energy Auditors/Managers
  • Refresher Course

Types of Certificate Labels

There are two types of labels on products manufactured in India.

Endorsement label

Under this label, the products are labelled as per their minimum performance criteria to become a BEE certified company.

Comparative label

Under this label, the products are labelled as per the star rating (scale of 1 to 5) which includes BEE logo and license number on the product. This rating helps consumers choose the right product.

Product List

The following are the list of products a company can opt for mandatory or voluntarily for labels

S. No.





Frost Free (No-Frost) Refrigerator


Tubular Fluorescent Lamps


Room Air-conditioners


Distribution Transformers


Room Air Conditioners



Direct cool refrigerator


Colour TV


LPG stoves




Washing machines


Electric Geysers


Agricultural pump sets


Induction motors


Ceiling fans


Moonset (diesel)


Office equipment’s


Solid-state inverters


LED retrofit camps




Moonset (diesel) pumps for Agricultural purposes


Diesel generator

Registering a Company for BEE Label

To register for BEE Label, the company must register and sign an agreement with BEE and comply with clause 2(n) of section 13 of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. The agreement is valid for three years or as stipulated by BEE.

Application for registration of a company

Step 1: Login to S&L web portal

Step 2: Click Login and choose the type of company

Step 3: Click on ‘Register New Agency’ and fill all the valid details

Step 4: Once registered, click on ‘Pay Registration Fee’

Step 5: Enter the Reference ID

Step 6: Pay a security deposit of Rs.1 lakh for large scale industry and Rs.25,000 for SSI. Payment can be made online or through a bank

Step 7: Print a copy of the registration form

Step 8: Attach the agreement on Rs.100 non-judicial stamp paper

Step 9: Submit the below-mentioned documents with an authorised signature

Documents Required

  • Proof of an annual turnover of less than Rs.5 million
  • Shareholding details
  • Payment proof of the verification fee
  • Identity proof of all shareholders
  • Registration documents
  • Cover letter for fresh applications
  • Trademark Certificate
  • Quality Management System Certificate (In case of multiple units, ISO of all the units need to be enclosed)
  • Small Scale Industries (SSI) certificate
  • Authorised signatory letter on company letterhead
  • BIS license with a validity date and endorsement letter statin all applied models

Registring a Model

To register a model with BEE, the manufacturer shall provide documents as per Annex 5

Step 1: Apply through the S&L web portal

Step 2: Pay a registration fee of Rs.2000 for every model to be registered

Step 3: Print a copy of the registration form

Step 4: Submit the below-mentioned documents with sign and stamp of the authorised signatory in original

Documents required for model registration

  • Cover letter as per Annexure 5,6 and 7
  • Receipt of payment for the model registration fee for every model
  • Copy of the online application form signed and attested by the company
  • Test report from NABL accredited lab
  • Sample label of every model with the application form of the model

Renewal of Agreement and Model

The agreement and model is valid for three years. For renewal, BEE sends renewal agreement six months before the expiry to the registered email and the manufacturer shall respond within three months. The renewal can be made through the online process with an application fee of Rs.500.