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Bihar Patrakar Samman Yojana

Bihar Patrakar Samman Yojana

Bihar Patrakar Samman Yojana

The Bihar Government has announced financial assistance to journalists post-retirement. Those journalists who are not getting a pension, a monthly pension of Rs. 6000 will be granted. The Chief Minister has launched the Bihar Patrakar Samman Yojana for the journalists who have worked in any journals or channels for at least twenty years. The article takes a closer look at the features of the scheme.

Scheme Overview

Patrakar Pension Samman Yojana is a scheme to honour the efforts of the journalists. The scheme permits the journalists to benefit from the pension that is granted by the State Government.

Highlights of Bihar Patrakar Samman Yojana

The key features of the scheme include

  • Bihar Patrakar Samman Yojana, also known as Bihar Journalist’s Honor Plan, is an initiative where the Government offers a pension for financial assistance of Rs. 6,000.
  • The pension scheme established by the government is especially for all senior journalists of the state, through which financial assistance will be provided to all journalists, and they will be motivated to make them self-sufficient.
  • Those individuals who are already taking a pension from the EPFO are not qualified to receive funds from the scheme.
  • The pension funds would be directly deposited in the bank account of the candidate.
  • On the event of the death of the applicant, the wife is entitled to receive half the pension amount.

Eligibility of the Bihar Patrakar Samman Yojana

The individuals passing the following eligibility criteria can apply to this scheme.

  • Applicants have to be residents of Bihar.
  • The concerned journalists should have been in service for at least twenty years.
  • Only retired journalists having at least twenty years of experience in the profession is eligible for the scheme.
  • The applicant should be 60 years of age to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  • The journalist should have Information Public Relation Department (IPRD) accreditation.
  • The journalists have to be verified journalists, to withdraw the pension.

Required Documents for Bihar Patrakar Samman Yojana

The following are the mandatory documents that are required to be possessed by all the eligible beneficiaries.

  • Residential certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter’s ID
  • Bank account details
    • Account Number
    • Branch Name
    • IFSC

Benefits of Bihar Patrakar Samman Yojana

Given below are the benefits that can be availed from the scheme.

  • The scheme has been started by the Bihar government for journalists.
  • The government promotes a monthly pension of Rs. 6000 once attaining sixty years of age.
  • Only those journalists who have pursued the profession for a minimum of twenty years.
  • The characters of the scheme will be only for journalists who do not avail other pension plans.
  • If the respective journalists are deceased, then his untested wife is entitled to receive half the sum, that is Rs. 3,000 per month under the scheme.

Application Procedure

The State Government of Bihar has recently launched this scheme. The government officials have not declared any information regarding the application procedure of the plan. Once all the details are finalised by the concerned authorities, the eligible beneficiaries can apply for the scheme in the state portal.