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TNAU Agritech Portal

Agritech Portal

TNAU Agritech Portal

TNAU Agritech Portal is an online portal that has been developed by the Tamil Nadu Government to provide the citizens of the state with multi-services on a single portal. The citizens can register into the portal to access all the online services offered by the Tamil Nadu Government. Let us look in detail about the TNAU Agritech Portal in this article.

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Services Provided at TNAU Agritech Portal

In Tamil Nadu, a technology portal was designed to overcome these constraints and launched by integrating the allied sectors. TNAU Agritech portal is meant to deliver numerous services of the State Government. People can make use of this online portal to avail the following services listed below:

  • Agriculture: The technologies used for the production of all agricultural crops such as pulses, cereals, stress management, resource management, dryland agriculture, agrometeorology, schemes, green manuring, watershed management, organic farming, farmers associations and publications.
  • Horticulture: The Production technology used for the horticulture crops, value addition, landscaping, precision farming, varieties, sale price, supply chain management, orchard management, deficiencies and disorders, cost of cultivation, plant protection, greenhouse cultivation, fertilizer schedule, schemes and publications are the few important sectors under Horticulture.
  • Agricultural Marketing and Agri-Business: Under the Agricultural Marketing and Agri-Business, organizations, farmers markets, schemes, regulated markets, commodity markets, online market data, SFAC, commodity boards and publications are some of the items covered.
  • Agricultural Engineering: This Agricultural engineering sector provides details on tillage implements, harvesting equipment, processing equipment, sowing, weeding, drainage technology, micro-irrigation, plant protection, water lifting, bioenergy, water harvesting and soil & water conservation.
  • Seed Production: The seed production includes the production of millets, pulses, cereals, fibre crops, vegetable crops; seed storage, seed processing, seed treatments, TNAU seed centre and seed certification are the wide areas that are covered under seed production.
  • Organic certification: The Organic certification provides links on the introduction, steps, principles, pest and disease control in organic farming. It also provides details related to activities like training, publications, schemes, success stories and organic cultivation of agricultural and horticultural crops. It also has details on special technologies, marketing and organic farming.
  • Forestry: The Forestry technologies include the timber trees, fuel and fodder trees, agro-forestry, industrial forestry, eco-tourism, wildlife resources, biodiversity and mangroves were covered under these sectors.
  • Fisheries: This sector includes all types of fisheries, fishing methods, harvesting, processing and value addition, marketing, export information are covered in this department.
  • Animal Husbandry: The animal husbandry includes the rearing of livestock and poultry, insurance, equipment, pest and disease management, veterinary services in Tamil Nadu and Export-Import details.
  • Sericulture: The Sericulture department includes the silkworm rearing, mulberry cultivation, pest and disease management, Post cocoon technology, waste management, schemes, and cost of cultivation are covered.

The portal has a feature of dynamic and multimedia-based content coverage for the benefit of field extension officials and farmers in both English and Tamil language. It holds all the farming information for decision making at the field level.

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Features of TNAU Agritech portal

The portal provides a wide range of features that can be availed by the investors. Some of the features are listed below:

  • This portal is made available with the checklist for all the requisite approvals.
  • The portal provides ease of access to all the services and can also check the status of the application.
  • The portal provides all updated details regarding the rules, policy initiatives and reforms that have been undertaken by the Government.
  • It provides transparency in the delivery of services and also reduces the wastage of time.
  • Currently, the portal has more technical information on the State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) institutions.
  • There are no additional charges for most of the services offered by the government.
  • This TNAU Agritech portal facilitates various online service request with various departments.
  • The residents will be notified via SMS when the services are yet to be delivered.

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Procedure to Apply for Services

TN people can register with the TNAU Agritech Portal Online by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Access the Portal

The applicant will have to enter the official TNAU Agritech Portal to avail all the services offered.

Apply for Services

Step 2: To apply for the required service, the applicant has to click on the “schemes and services” link that visible on the portal. Upon clicking on the link, a list of services such as Government Schemes and Services will be listed from which the applicant can apply for the appropriate service.

Application Forms

Step 3: Then, the applicant will be redirected to the page where the application form for the selected scheme will be displayed.

Step 4: Now, the applicant can download/print the application and submit it to the concerned department.

Acknowledgement Number

Step 5: After submitting the scheme application form, the applicant will be provided with the application ID as an acknowledgement for the future reference.