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SENET – Small Enterprise Information and Resources Network


SENET – Small Enterprise Information & Resources Network

Small Enterprise Information & Resources Network (SENET) is an important initiative of the Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Government of India, to stimulate the SME environment. The concept of the SENET project was initiated in 1997 with an idea to build up information data banks to help entrepreneurs in the Small Scale Industry Sector. The MSME-DO Online web-portal is one of the web initiatives of the SENET project. This portal is designed as a single stop source to inform and educate entrepreneurs concerning the SSI sector. In this article, we will look at the SENET in detail.

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SENET at a Glance 

Small Enterprise Information and Resource Centre Network (SENET), was launched in April 1997. SENET is a part of the International SME Network (INSME). SENET has been granted the Golden Icon National Award for “Best Documented Knowledge Resource” under the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Government of India.

Objective of SENET

The primary objective of the SENET is explained in detail below:

  • To pioneer, create, and promote a web-based database of all relevant information for the benefit of small scale industries.
  • To facilitate easier online access to entrepreneurs, especially the small scale sector, by networking all related information from the Central and State governments, government agencies engaged in the promotion, development of the MSME sector, National and State level industry associations, entrepreneurs and NGOs.
  • To establish possible linkages with existing databases and the end entrepreneurs for the development and promotion of the small scale sector (SSI).
  • To standardize by introducing automation tools and related software to streamline data storage activity in the office of the DC(SSI) to bring out the transparency of relevant real-time data through online access by the public.
  • To create and maintain a web portal for hosting all relevant data as available within the Office of the DC (SSI) and to also hyperlink other websites.

SENET Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of the SENET are listed as follows:

Technology Resource Centers (TRC)

For providing the information on the latest technology available around the world, 21 MSME-DIs are converted into Technology Resource Centers under the SENET project. These Centers perform below-mentioned functions

Assistance for SSI

TRC will assist the small scale enterprises, which intend to upgrade and modernize the technology. The institute and Departments, which are developing new technology, will also include in it.

TRC will furnish details about the cluster group of industries including the following information:

  • Technologies
  • List of suppliers of machines and raw materials
  • Quality status
  • Availability of Consultants

TRC is having a collection of technical books, lists, brochures, etc., which will be available in the library of the MSME Development Institute.

SENET and MSME-DO Online Portal

The MSME-DO Online portal is launched as part of the SENET project. The portal has updated with the different SSI project profiles, policies, incentives, schemes sponsored by State and Central Governments, data from global emerging trends, financial detail, legal and technical aspects in respect of SSI Sector, circulars, publications, and database interactive sections. All the information is available to the registered entrepreneur for free of cost.


The Publication section holds valuable resources like the RBI circulars, Committee reports, Trade Reports, Books and Periodical released by the Ministry from time to time on the Indian SSI sector.

Interactive Map

An interactive map allows entrepreneurs to search the locations and the concerned persons in the organizational network of MSME DO and the associated autonomous bodies.


  • Directory of small scale units (SSI)
  • Directory of Exporting Units in India

The Small Enterprise Information & Resources Network also gives details about the following:

  • Services provided by the SSI Development Institute
  • Details of different training Programmes
  • Information on International trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Vendor Development Programmes

Sub Portal on Clusters

There are two sub-portals on clusters, and the Ministry has launched hand tools under the SENET project at and These sub-portals have many pages of Value Added Information on clusters and hand tools industries in India.

Sub Portal on Hand Tools Registration is necessary to view certain areas and become part of the interaction at the site. Participation in the Chartroom, discussion board, and looking to SME partners is encouraged.

Procedure to Use the Portal

The MSME – DO portal has static and interactive areas, all of which are interlinked seamlessly so that the entrepreneur can walk into any information area from virtually any location. The following is the MSME-DO Online covers:

  • MSME-DO Schemes
  • SSI Policies & Schemes
  • SSI in India
  • SSI Emerging Trends
  • SSI Publications
  • SSI Thrust Areas
  • SSI Partners
  • Setting Up a New Venture

Guidelines to Set up an SME Project

The guidelines to Set up an SME Project under the SENET initiatives is provided here:

The MSME-DO portal is built with the researched project profiles, which can be checked out to see what suits the entrepreneurs ‘capabilities and resources. SSI cluster studies are in-depth analyses of industrial clusters in India, with spatial concentration mapped out. Details of incentives and schemes by central and state governments can help an entrepreneur to decide a course of action.

News of emerging trends is being continuously updated on the site, giving the latest opportunities, standards, and demands of the global marketplace.

Technology assistance can be sought through tool rooms, testing centres, and other SSI centres, of which are exhaustively covered here.