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Revised Application Fee for IEC and Various DGFT Services

Revised Application Fee for IEC and Various DGFT Services

Revised Application Fee for IEC and Various DGFT Services

The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has issued the revised application fee for Importer -Exporter Code (IEC) and Various DGFT Services vide a Public Notice dated 30.07.2021. With this notification, DGFT notified the revised process for an online refund of user charges, penalties, and another application fee of various DGFT Services.

Application Fee for IEC and Various DGFT Services



Scale of Fee

1 Application Fee for Importer Exporter Code (IEC) Rs.500
2 Application for Export License/SCOMET items for restricted goods. Rs.1000
3 Application for Import License for restricted item/permission/certificate/Advance Authorization/DFIA/EPCG Authorization Rs.1000 or part thereof subject to a minimum Rs.500 and maximum of Rs.1 Lakh on CIF value/duty saved amount of Authorization/license/permission.
4 Application for Duty credit scrip under rewards/incentive scheme. Rs.1000
5 Application for amendment/ correction/in license/Scrip/Authorization/Certificate/Permission Rs.200
6 Application for grant of duplicate license/permission/certificate/scrip/I-Card Rs.200
7 Annual Updation of IEC during the period April to June as per Para 2.05 of HBP Nil
8 Application for first revalidation of Authorization / Scrip/Permission/Certificate/License for SCOMET Rs.500
9 Application for second revalidation of Authorization / Scrip/Permission/Certificate/License for SCOMET Rs.1000
10 Application for Enlistment as an authorized agency under Appendix 2E and Appendix 2I of HBP Rs.5000
11 Application for Certification Agency as per Appendix 2G Rs.10000 for the applicant based in India and US$ 250 or an amount equivalent to rupees for the applicant based abroad
12 Application for Seeking relaxation in Policy/Procedure Rs.2000
13 Application for review of the decision of any committees Rs.5000
14 Application for enhancement of the value of Authorization Rs.1000 for differential CIF value/duty saved amount from being enhanced.
15 Issue of Preferential Certificate of Origin Rs.6000
16 Post verification of self-certified certification of Origin under EU-GSP and verification fee under other FTAs

Rs.7000 for verification of a single unit

Rs.12000 for verification of multiple units

17 Application for reimbursement of benefits under Transport and Marketing  Assistance (TMA) Rs.1000

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Mode of Deposits of Application Fee/Penalty/Any Other Fee

Online payment of the requisite user charges, penalties, or any other fee shall be part of the online services that are hosted on the DGFT websites. The online service workflow when completed will direct the applicants to the payment gateway for online payment of the specific charges.

In case of any online /offline process where the direct online payment option is not available, the payment is to be made online through the e-Miscellaneous Payment System on the DGFT website.

For more details on the e-Miscellaneous Payment System, click here

The online payment options would include Internet Banking, debit cards, credit cards, UPI, or any other payment methods as authorized from time to time.

Exemption from Payment of Fees

No fee shall be payable in respect of any application made by such class or category of the applicant as specified in Foreign Trade (Regulation) Rules, 1933.

Refund of Application Fee

The application fee is nothing but the fee for the processing of the application. Therefore, the fee once received will not be refunded except in the following circumstances.

  • Where the fee has been deposited more than the specified amount of the fee
  • Where the fee has been deposited but no application has been made
  • Where the fee has been deposited in error but the applicant is exempt from payment of a fee

The application is eligible for a refund of the application fee, an application may be submitted online using the online refund management process. The application shall be auto-submitted to the concerned authority within whose jurisdiction the related file was submitted /the fee was paid. In the case where no file has been generated the application shall be submitted to DGFT by default.

Any request for refund of payments made in the DGFT legacy system, which was being maintained by NIC, shall be made as per the manual procedure notified earlier. An application in the ANF-2G may be submitted to the licensing authority within whose jurisdiction the fee was paid.

On receipt of the application, the authority shall pass a refund order after verifying from the pay and Accounts officer concerned that the amount in question has been credited to the relevant treasury head of the Government of India.