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Restaurant Approval

Restaurant Approval

Restaurant Approval

In India, initiating a restaurant business is one among the highly profitable opportunity for the entrepreneurs. The Ministry of Tourism has started a voluntary scheme for the approval of Standalone Restaurants in the country with the aim of providing regulated world-class services to the tourists. The objective is to encourage quality standards and services in Standalone Restaurants so as to promote tourism in India and abroad. Let us look in detail about the Restaurants criteria, documents required and application procedure for the Approval of Standalone Restaurants in this article.

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Eligibility Criteria

In general, the below listed are the criteria to apply for the Approval of Standalone Restaurants.

  • Restaurants to be fully and effectively air-conditioned. In case of an open-air restaurant, the committee in its discretion would relax this condition. The restaurants located in the hill stations must have proper heating arrangements.
  • Design and decor of the establishment must be on point.
  • Various types of cuisine to be offered
  • Service quality
  • Crockery (Good quality crockery, cutlery, tableware, glassware, silverware and linen to be provided)
  • Kitchen and Washing areas (to be clean, hygienic, well equipped and well-maintained kitchen and pantry along with the proper and adequate cold storage facilities)
  • Cooking utensils must also be of good quality and well arranged.
  • In the case of a manually operated washing system, a 3 tier system must be applied.
  • Steps to be taken to keep the place clean and safe from all types of pests. The pest control of all areas to be done regularly.
  • Segregated wet and dry garbage disposal system to be available
  • Cleanliness & Hygiene: Front and public areas, rooms, kitchen, pantry, dining area, refrigerator, store or bar (where applicable as per the bye-laws), garbage, staff facilities and back areas including the maintenance areas.
  • The registration to be taken with the local authorities such as Police, Municipality, Water, Fire, Electricity, State Tourism Department or Corporation.
  • The CCTV cameras in the public spaces along with the data backup are mandatory.
  • The supervisory staff in contact with the Guests must be able to understand and speak English. Other staff in the restaurants must be available to explain the items on the menu to the customers.
  • Explanatory notes in English must be given in the menu cards, in case, languages other than English are used.
  • The staff to be with smart and clean uniforms.
  • There must be telephone facilities, first aid box, etc
  • Staff facility services (Separate Ladies and Gents cloakrooms, provision of lockers)
  • There must be proper facilities and services to be given a for the physically challenged and segregation of smoking and non-smoking area.

Note: A minimum marks of 60% is required for the Mark Sheet regarding Cleanliness and Hygiene.

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Documents Required

The following are the checklist/documentation that has to be submitted by the Standalone Restaurants applying for the approval.

  • Name of the Restaurant
  • Name and address of the Promoters or Owners along with a note on their business antecedents.
  • Complete postal details of the promoter along with the telephone, Email address and Fax.

Documents related to the status of the promoter/owner

  • If Private and Public Limited Company with the copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • If Partnership, Partnership Deed and Registration Certificate is required to be submitted
  • If a proprietary concern, then the name & address of proprietor and Registration Certificate to be submitted
  • Location of the restaurant site along with the postal address

Documents related to the details of the site

  • Distance in Kilometers from the Railway station and airport
  • The located area on State or National Highway
  • Distance from the city centre/town/shopping area etc.
  • Located between which major cities or towns

Documents that specify the details of the Restaurant

  • The area in sq.m. along with the title – owned/leased with the proof of sale/lease deed
  • Copy of Land Use permit/letter from the local authorities
  • Number of seats
  • Toilets facilities for ladies and gents
  • Details of public areas, lobby/bar, parking space, facilities for the physically abled, eco-friendly systems and any other additional facilities. The area for each facility must be indicated in sq. ft.
  • Details of Fire Fighting Devices/Hydrates, etc.
  • Details of measures for water/energy conservation and other eco-friendly devices and initiatives
  • Details of air-conditioning/power back-up
  • Area of the Establishment – 200 sq. ft. for restaurants of seating space up to 100 people and 300 sq. ft. for more than 100 people
  • Certificates/No Objection Certificates

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Procedure for the Approval of Restaurants

The applicant has to follow the below step by step procedure for the Approval of Restaurants.

Access the Website

Step 1: The application for the approval of Restaurant can be submitted online by accessing the official web-portal of Classification, Approval and Occupancy of Hotels.

New User Application

Step 2: In the case of a new user, the applicant has to get registered in the official web-portal by clicking on the “New Registration” link which will direct to the registration page.

Login to Portal

Step 4: Now, log in with the registered User Identity and Password.

Step 5: After Login, a new page will be displayed, where the applicant will have to Apply for the Approval of Restaurants

Application Form

Step 6: The following application form will get opened on clicking the link “Apply for Approval of Restaurants”.

Fill out the Right Credentials

Step 7: The information of the owner has to fill out all the requested details in the approval form.

Step 8: After providing all the details, the applicant has to click on the “save and proceed” button.

Upload Documents

Step 9: Now upload all the documents that are mentioned above then click on “save and proceed” button.

Step 10: The uploaded documents that are received from applicants after scrutiny in all respects would be acknowledged online.

Make Payment

Step 11: Applications for the Approval of Operational Restaurants with the requisite fee is payable only by Debit/Credit Card/RTGS/NEFT.

Step 12: The application fee payable for approval and renewal of a restaurant is Rs.5000. The demand draft (DD) would be payable to “Pay & Accounts Officer, Department of Tourism, New Delhi 


  • All the applications for the approval of Standalone Restaurants must be complete in all respects – application form, prescribed fee, clearances, NOC’s, certificates, etc. The incomplete application is subject to be rejected.
  • Any deficiencies/rectification pointed by the HRACC to be completed with within the specified time, which has been allotted in the consultation with the representatives during the inspection. Fail to correct the mistakes will result in the rejection of the approval.

Renewal of Application

The validity of approval will be for a period of five from the date of the order issued or in case of re-approval from the date of expiry of the last approval/re-approval granted that the application has been received within the specified time mentioned along with the valid documents. The application along with required documents for renewal of the Restaurant’s approval to be submitted 3 months prior before the expiry of the approved date.