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Rajasthan Farmers Debt Waiver Scheme

Rajasthan Farmers Debt Waiver Scheme

Rajasthan Farmers Debt Waiver Scheme 2019

The Rajasthan State Government has introduced a new scheme for the welfare of farmers. The Rajasthan government is also implementing a minimum support price scheme for multiple agricultural items and offering interest-free loans of up to 500 crore rupees. Exemption from mandi charges is also being implemented, which is a fee normally paid on purchase by farmers to wholesalers and distributors.


  • To support small and marginal farmers who are in the most vulnerable sections of our society
  • To waive off overdue loans for small farmers
  • Allocation of Rs.8000 crores to implement the scheme
  • Allocation of Rs.384 crores as subsidy
  • To offer interest-free loans of up to Rs.500 crores.


To be eligible for the debt waiver scheme, an application needs to be filed if a farmer meets the following requirements:

  • Loan amount should be less than Rs.2 lakh rupees
  • Owns less than two hectares of land
  • Aadhaar card linked to Bhamashah card

For those who are not eligible as per the above terms can also apply for a loan waiver provided, they meet the requirements for the loan waiver when they were under the previous government. All short-term crop loans will be waived off as long as the loans were granted by cooperative banks to small and marginal farmers.

Loan Waiver Certificate

Over 29 lakh small scale farmers will be eligible for the loan waiver certificate. The distributed certificates will offer a total of Rs.8000 crores as waivers with a maximum waiver of Rs.2 lakh per farmer. The loan certificate will also make new loan recipients eligible for an insurance cover of up to Rs.10 lakhs under the Raj Sahakar Personal Accident Insurance Scheme.

If the outstanding loan amount of a loan exceeds Rs.2 lakhs, farmers will have to repay the balance amount (after deduction of Rs.2 lakhs) before receiving further loans with insurance coverage.

Application Process

To apply for a loan waiver certificate (or to collect more information), eligible farmers can head to the nearest branch of Village Service Cooperative Society or District Central Cooperative Bank. Alternatively, farmers can head to to register with their Aadhaar Card and Bhamashah Card details.

After successful registration, the application process can be monitored at by simply entering the Aadhaar Number of Bhamashah Number.

  • Upon successful registration, farmers can collect their certificates from the nearest Village Service Cooperative Society or District Central Cooperative Bank.
  • Head to the official website
  • Click on Login
  • Click on Registration
  • Once you put in your name with Aadhaar and Bhamashah Card details, you will be taken to the next page.
  • In the new page, enter your Bank Details including Bank Name, Branch Name, PACS Name.
  • Registration is now complete.

Application status and the list of eligible farmers can be checked from the portal.

An online list will also be listed on the website, but the date of the announcement for new applicants has not been revealed yet.

An official step-by-step registration guide in Hindi is accessible at