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Partnership Firm Registration in West Bengal

Partnership Firm Registration in West Bengal

Partnership Firm Registration in West Bengal

Proprietorship and partnership are one of the most popular forms of business firms in India. In this article, we look at the procedure for partnership firm registration in West Bengal.

Partnership Deed

Drafting the partnership deed is the initial procedure for registering a firm. The draft should include the partners’ names and addresses, the nature of the business, place of business, duration of business, capital contribution and profit and loss sharing between the partners, the remuneration payable to partners, and other agreements made between the partners.

Partnership Deed Format

Establishment of the Firm

The following are the steps to establish a partnership firm in West Bengal.

Step 1: Make partnership deed

A partnership deed has to be produced with a mutual understanding between the partners.

Step 2: Printing the document

The deed has to be printed on a stamp paper of Rs. 500.

Step 3: Payment mode

The stamp duty payment can be made online on the GRAS website.

Step 4: Obtaining the signature

The document has to be signed by all the partners, with witnesses on the last page.

Online Registration of the Firm

The West Bengal government has developed an online registration method for the convenience of its citizens. The applicant can log on to to register the firm. Once the applicant has submitted the hard copy of the application to the registrar of the company, all the mandatory documents have to be submitted in person to the department.

Documents Required

Given below are the documents required to register a partnership firm:

  • A covering letter with a Rs. 5 stamp affixed to it.
  • Duly completed Form A.
  • Duly attested English Partnership Deed.
  • Duly attested Bengali Partnership Deed.
  • Non-Judicial Stamp Paper Letter of Authority.
  • A registration fee of Rs. 1,600.
  •  Letter of Authority signed by all partners.
  • License to carry business.

Registration Procedure

Step 1: Log on to the website

The applicant has to log on to the official website

Step 2: Create an ID

The applicant has to create a new ID for the firm.

Step 3: Change Password

Once an ID is created, the applicant has to change the password.

Step 4: Click on Raise Form A

The applicant has to click on Raise Form A under the Firm Management tab.

Step 5: Enter the Details

Form A appears. The applicant has to enter all the details in both English and Bengali.

Step 6: Submit the Form

Once all the details are entered, the applicant has to submit the application form.

Step 7: Print the application

The application has to be printed on a green ledger paper.

Step 8: Translate the Form

The applicant has to translate the English deed to the Bengali language.

Step 9: Serial Number Notary

The applicant has to make the serial number notary of From A in court.

Step 10: Filing the documents

The applicant has to file the documents within one month of notarization.

Step 11: Execution of Deed of Partnership

The stamp paper that is used for execution of the Deed of Partnership has to be dated within 6 months from the issue of stamp paper.

Step 12: Adjudication of Stamp Authority

If the deed is not duly stamped or if it is outdated, then there is a requirement of adjudication of Stamp Authority in the execution of the deed.

Objections by the Registrar

The objections are usually printed in Bengali and are sent by the registrar through courier to the respective applicant. All the additional documents have to be submitted to the department to clear the objections.

Processing the Certificate

Once submitting all the documents, the applicant receives an Acknowledgement. It takes a time period of 5-7 months to get a certificate of registration, and when it is prepared, it will be couriered by the department. For quick registration, the applicant has to visit the department along with the acknowledgement within 3-4 months of submitting the documents.

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