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North East Skill Centre

North East Skill Centre

North East Skill Centre

The North East, consisting of seven states is often referred to as a conglomeration of seven sisters. It consists of the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, and Nagaland. Each state has unique culture and diversity. The Government of India and the respective State Governments have therefore regularly come out with different plans, programs and schemes for the betterment of the various states of the North East. One such initiative is North East Skill Centre (NESC) and it could be a big boost for budding and young entrepreneurs.

Evolution of North East Skill Centre

This is an initiative of Assam Development Mission under the aegis of Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship Department, and Government of Assam. The vision, objectives and goals of the North East Skill Centre are quite ambitious. It aims at building the capacity of the unemployed youth in the North East by imparting training skills, which over a period of time could lead to meaningful income-earning opportunities both as employees and entrepreneurs. Here are some interesting information and important milestones pertaining to this North East Skill Centre.

  • The North East Skill Centre has been set up in collaboration with ITEES, ITE Education Services, Singapore.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Assam Government and ITEES, Singapore for formalizing the setting up of this training facility.
  • The NESC (North East Skill Centre) will be a training facility of world-class standards.
  • The facility is well on its way to impart training to the first batch of 400 candidates annually. It will train the students in Housekeeping, Food & Beverage Services, Beauty & Wellness and Retail Service.
  • The courses will be aligned to the specific needs and requirements of the local market and the candidates. ITEES is undertaking an analysis of such needs after which the courses will be formulated.
  • The NESC has started collaborating with leading corporate houses and industries. The industries will be from the four major segments mentioned above.
  • The collaborations will be further strengthened and leveraged by arranging of industrial visits for the candidates, holding guest lectures, and also providing on the job training.
  • In fine, NESC is focused on efficiently and effectively addressing the dynamic needs of industries and also to support the overall socio-economic growth and development of the region.

NESC Program

The training will culminate into a certificate course for successful candidates in each of the above four disciplines. The certificate courses for each of the above disciplines will be conducted simultaneously. Each of the batches will have 20 trainees per class and the number of classes and trainees will gradually be scaled up across various centres. The focus will be more towards creating entrepreneurs who will add value to society and make them as competent and qualified job-creators.

The certificate courses offered will be at par with the best in the world and help the youngsters of the North-East to compete in the global market in general and South-East Asian and Indian markets in particular. The process of admission for the first intake of candidates has started from January 2019. More details are available on clicking the following link:

Benefits of NESC

There is no denying the fact that this entire initiative is being focused towards harnessing the skill, energy, creativity and excitement associated with the young population of Assam and other North-Eastern states. One of the main and stated objectives of NESC is to help hone and develop budding and ambitious youngsters into entrepreneurs by providing them with the required skill sets of the domains in which they are interested. This will be complemented by the best of entrepreneurial training and other relevant skill sets and knowledge. As mentioned earlier, since ITE Education Services, Singapore is one of the main partners in this entire program the candidates will be able to get the best of training and other facilities.

Employment through NESC

In a country where providing jobs for each and every man and woman of employable age is a big challenge, there are reasons to believe that the entire NESC program will be a boon for youngsters. They will learn to become confident, knowledgeable and well-informed in their respective domains. They will start developing a mindset of being job-givers rather than being job-eaters.

Hence, over the next few years, it is obvious that the North East Skill Centre will be catalyst of change. It will be able to create scores of successful entrepreneurs not only in the main cities of Assam and North-East but also in some of the remotest and far-flung areas. It certainly will be a win-win situation for the state government, central government and of course the thousands of young people of North-East who are keen at exploring avenues where they can help themselves to help others by being successful entrepreneurs.

  • As mentioned earlier, to begin with the skill centre will offer courses on Beauty and Wellness, Hospitality (Food & Beverage Service), Hospitality in Housekeeping Sector and Retail Services. More segments and sectors may be added later on need-based situations.

Eligibility for NESC Courses

  • The minimum qualification for all the above segments will be a pass in 12th. Further, the aspiring candidates should have completed a minimum of 17 years.
  • The aspiring candidates would be required to submit a physical fitness certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.

Fee Structure

  • The fees for online registration is Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only)
  • The total tuition fee for all the courses will be Rs.48000/-. This is non-refundable.
  • One-time caution money of Rs.1000/- has to be paid. This is refundable.
  • Pupil fund fee of Rs.500/- will also have to be paid. This is non-refundable.
  • Loan facilities can be availed from Nationalized banks to cover the full or partial tuition fee. However, this would be at to sole discretion of the bank and also after taking into account the eligibility of the candidate.

Documents to Submit

  • Rules of Admission
  • General instructions for candidates
  • Various documents that have to be submitted for applying for NESC
  • General Rules & Information.
  • Placement & Industry Exposure