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Minimum Support Price Scheme for MFP

Minimum Support Price Scheme

Minimum Support Price Scheme for MFP

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs has recently announced a revised MSP (Minimum Support Price Scheme) for MFP (Minor Forest Produce). This centrally-sponsored initiative is officially known as “Mechanism for Marketing of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) through Minimum Support Price (MSP) and development of value chain for MFP,” and is meant for the social safety of MFP gatherers.

What is Minor Forest Produce?

Section 2(4) of the Indian Forest Act, 1927, describes forest produce as products found in or brought from a forest. This includes:

  • Timber, charcoal, caoutchouc, catechu, wood-oil, resin, natural varnish, bark, lac, mahua flowers, mahua seeds, kuth and myrobalans.
  • Trees and leaves, flowers and fruits, and all other parts or produce of trees.
  • Plants, which may include grass, creepers, reeds and moss, and all parts or produce of such plants (but not trees).
  • Wild animals and skins, tusks, horns, bones, silk, cocoons, honey and wax, and all other parts or produce of animals.
  • Peat, surface oil, rock and minerals, and all products of mines or quarries.

Revised Framework

The MSP for MFP scheme was initially launched in the year 2013, but certain gaps in its implementation rendered the programme dormant. For revitalizing the programme, revised MSPs are granted in the range of 30-40% on average; the procurement of which is proposed to be initiated in haat bazaars, where the tribal community would bring their produce with the facilitation provided by state government agencies and district collectors. To add to it, the recently introduced scheme has laid down a decentralized implementation framework.

TRIFED, which is vested with the implementation of the scheme, has directed the states to submit within 45 days their unique procurement plans and the marketing of the produce from the village level to the state level.

Inclusion of Items

The Central Government has recently added nine new items to MSP for the Minor Forest Produce (MFP) scheme, thereby increasing the list of items to 49. The newly drafted items include Bakul (dried bark), Kutaj (dried bark), Noni/Aal (dried fruits), Sonapatha/Syonak pods, Chanothi seeds, Kalihari (dried tubers), Makoi (dried fruits), Apang plant and Sugandhrnantri roots/tubers.

The December Revision

Prior to the directive covered in this article, the Ministry notified the revision of 23 MFP items and introduced MSP for 17 new MFP items. It is noteworthy that the items revised during the stated period include those MFPs which has been a part of the scheme since it was first introduced in the year 2013-14.

MSP Rate List for MFPs

S. No Name of MFP MSP (INR per Kg)
1 Tamarind (with seeds) 31.00
2 Wild Honey 195.00
3 Gum Karaya 98.00
4 Karanj seeds 19.00
5 SAL Seed, also known as Shorea Robusta 20.00
6 Mahusa Seed 25.00
7 SAL leaves 30.00
8 Chironji pods with seeds 109.00
9 Myrobalan 15.00
10 (A) Rangeeni Lac 130.00
10 (B) Kusumi Lac 203.00
11 Kusum seeds 20.00
12 Neem seeds 23.00
13 Puwad seeds 14.00
14 Baheda 17.00
15 Hill Broom Grass 30.00
16 Dry Shikakai Pods 43.00
17 Beel Pulp (Dried) 27.00
18 Nagarmotha 27.00
19 Shatavari Roots (Dried) 92.00
20 Gudmar/Madhunashini 35.00
21 Kalmegh 33.00
22 Tamarind (De-seeded) 54.00
23 Guggul 700.00
24 Dried Mahua Flowers 17.00
25 Dried Tejpatta 33.00
26 Jamun dried seeds 36.00
27 Deseeded and Dried Amla Pulp 45.00
28 Marking Nit 8.00
29 Dried Soap Nut 12.00
30 Amaltas Bhava Seed 11.00
31 Arjuna Bark 18.00
32 Dry Kokum 25.00
33 Giloe 21.00
34 Kaunch Seed 18.00
35 Chirata 29.00
36 Vaybidding/Vavding (dry seeds) 81.00
37 Dhavaiphool dried flowers 32.00
38 Nux Vomica 36.00
39 Ban Tulsi Leaves (Dried) 19.00
40 Kshirni 30.00
41 Bakul (dried bark) 40.00
42 Kutaj (dried bark) 27.00
43 Noni/Aal (dried fruits) 15.00
44 Sonapatha/Syonak pods 18.00
45 Chanothi seeds 39.00
46 Kalihari (dried tubers) 27.00
47 Makoi (dried fruits) 21.00
48 Apang plant 24.00
49 Sugandhmantri roots/tubers 33.00