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KSUM Technology Commercialization Support for Women

KSUM Technology Commercialization Support for Women

The Government of Kerala has initiated various schemes for the welfare of women and their development. A significant concern has been to make them self-reliant by empowering them in business, for which the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM)  has implemented the Technology Commercialization Support for Women. Under this scheme, Women startups can avail a fund of Rs.10 lakhs for commercializing a product through technology transfer.

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Objectives of Scheme

The key objective of the Scheme is to support Women startups by providing financial assistance for commercializing a product through technology transfer.

Benefits of the Scheme

The Benefits of the Technology Commercialization Support Scheme for Women are listed below:

  • The scheme helps in motivating women entrepreneurship of the state by financially supporting them
  • Technology Commercialization Support Scheme elevates women’s status by participating in businesses and building micro-enterprises.
  • The Scheme not only enhances the income of an individual or family but also contributes to the overall growth of the state by initiating an economic boom.
  • This loan scheme provides social and financial security to the women in the state.

Eligibility Criteria

The women co-founder should have a majority stake in the startup

  • The startup should be a registered company in Kerala as an LLP or Private Limited company and should have an active registration with KSUM at the time of application.
  • The startup company has DIPP registration and an ‘Active’/ ‘Active Compliant’ status with MCA. Applications with ‘Active Non-compliant’ have chances to be rejected and this (Form INC 22A) should be done before fund disbursements are made.
  • The startups shall not have any other pending dues with any of the Government agencies, KSUM, other incubators in the state and shall not be blacklisted by any Govt. agency in India
  • The startup director should have a good CIBIL Score, preferably more than 750.

Quantum of Assistance

Women startups can avail a fund of Rs.10 lakhs for commercializing a product through technology transfer

Pattern of Financing

Technology License / Transfer support for Startups will be a maximum of Rs.10 Lakhs. However, the support is limited to 90% of the technology fee to be paid to the Research entity.

Terms and Conditions

The terms & conditions for the benefits under the scheme will be as follows:

  • The license/technology purchased through this scheme shall be owned by the Startup or as per the terms specified by the research agency.
  • Kerala Startup Mission shall be given 2% royalty for the product being commercialized, which shall be limited to the amount supported by the Kerala Startup Mission under the scheme.
  • The Startup is expected to commercialize the product for which the license /technology is purchased within 2 years.
  • In case, the Startup is unable to commercialize the product within two years, then the startup will be liable to repay the contribution given by the Kerala Startup Mission.
  • The Startup will sign an agreement with the Kerala startup Mission before availing of the benefit.

Technology Commercialization Support for Women – Application Procedure

The application procedure of the Technology Commercialization Support Scheme is listed as follows:

  • The women entrepreneur need to make a One to One call with KSUM representatives for an initial evaluation and have Initial Pitching with KSUM Team/ Sub-committee.
  • After the initial pitching with the KSUM team, the applicant has to submit all documents requested and Final Pitch PPT
  • Final Pitch before expert Committee and shortlisting of the applicants will be done based on the recommendations of the Expert Committee.
  • Selected Applicants should submit all documents and necessary Agreements with KSUM.
  • Fund will be disbursed on an installment basis.