IPINDIA Trademark Status

IPINDIA – Check Trademark Status

IPINDIA – Check Trademark Status

Trademark registration can help an Entrepreneur protect a brand from being copied. The first step in trademark registration, is filing of trademark application. After filing a trademark application, the Trademark Registrar Office will process the application over a period of 6 – 12 months. Throughout this period, an Entrepreneur must keep visiting the Trademark Registrar website to check on the status of the application. In case of objection or opposition, the Entrepreneur would be required to respond to the application within the time provided to ensure that the application does not become abandoned. In this article, we look at the procedure to check trademark status on IPINDIA website. You can also check trademark status on IndiaFilings using the Trademark Search tool. In addition, you can refer to this article to understand the meaning of trademark status.

Step 1: Access IPINDIA Website

The most recent and up to date information on a trademark application can be found on the IPINDIA website. Click here to go to the IPINDIA Trademark Status page.

IPINDIA - Step 1
Trademark Status Check – Step 1


The user is directed to the E-register main page with four options.

  • Trademark Application/Registration Mark
  • Trademark Indexes
  • Receipt/Acknowledgement for Postal Application
  • Track Legal Certificate Requests

Click on the Trademark Application / Registered Mark button on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Select National/IRDI Number

Select National/IRDI Number radio button to continue.


IPINDIA - Step 2
Trademark Status Check – Step 2

Step 3: Provide Trademark Application Number

Provide trademark application number and complete the CAPTCHA.

IPINDIA - Step 3
Trademark Status Check – Step 3

Step 4: View Trademark Application Information

On completing the captcha code, the system will return the most up to date trademark application information along with list of all documents filed with the trademark application.

IPINDIA - Step 4
Trademark Status Check – Step 4

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