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Indian Software Product Registry (ISPR)

Indian Software Product Registry (ISPR)

To develop software products in India, a common platform was created in the year 2019. This is to bring all of the industries, both private sector and government together. This will make India, a worldwide hub for software product development. This is an important initiative method taken to support the Indian software product development industry.

The Indian Software Product Registry (ISPR) is the initial step, which is used for finding solutions for the problems that are related to the software industries and the small booming industries of software development.

Objectives of ISPR

Under this process, the primary stage is the Indian Software Product Registry (ISPR). This is a collaborative platform for all the National coordination centre which will be connected to all the activities and will be in the centre for all the processes that are taking place in the Indian Software product development environment. This policy mainly focuses on the promotion of software products in India.

This will create a strong platform for the software product companies which are aiming to develop India as one of the global software product hubs that are being developed with innovation and promoting technology with specialised skills.

Indian Software Company

To start an industry or company in India, the company must be registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 or the Companies Act, 2013. In this case, the office of the company, or its institution and all of its body must be in India.

Indian Software Product Company (ISPC)

ISPC is referred to as an Indian company that owns 51% of its shares in India with Indian citizens, or it can hold its shares with any person who is an Indian origin. And that person should be involved in the development process, licensing, sales and services of all the software products in the registered company. And have the IP rights towards the software products that are developed in the company.

Implementation and Goal of ISPR

  • To promote the growth of Indian Software product companies leading to an increase in the Indian shares in the global market by the year 2025.
  • To provide a pathway for 10,000 start-up software product companies to grow in all the rural areas and cities of the Country. This will also increase the employment of 3.5 million people by 2025.
  • A talent pool is to be conducted for software product development industries by providing skill training for 10 lakhs IT professionals in India and also encouraging the school and college-going students. More than 10,000 talented professionals will be identified, who can provide leadership qualities.
  • To build a more innovative environment for developing software products along with marketing, testbeds, and leadership supports.
  • A national software product’s mission will be set up for those who are willing to participate in the implementation of software products. This mission will be conducted by the government, academia, and industries.

Platform for Software Products in India

Indian Software Product Registry is the process of creating a platform for the companies that are ready to process the discovery of the Indian Software Products. This will provide access to the Government e-Marketplace platform (GeM).

Platform for Software Products in India

This platform will make the government to easily identify the Indian companies and will make them a part of their process for buying.

The exchange on ISPR will give a clear view of the industry for some of the specific software product related interference like payments for the software companies. Credits will be given to R&D for encouraging the Software Indian companies to invest in research and development and improvement of Indian software product industries. This will also help the companies to provide tax and other incentives, and this will help in the development of the software industries.

Connecting Globally

The Software product development companies under ISPR will be asked to list all of their products, and these products will connect them with international buyers all over the world. It has a strong back support platform as the Indian government, which will gain a higher level of trust and authentication all over the world.

Start-up Companies

There are about 10,000 start-up companies in the software product developing companies. This will include 1000 different types of technologies all over the Country to develop the products.

India has one of the most fast-growing start-up ecosystems. India is the 3rd largest ecosystem for start-up companies in the world. Each day about 3 to 4 start-ups being launched.

The government of India has started a National policy on software products (NSP). This acknowledges the start-up companies and aims at developing a worldwide software product hub.

To encourage and promote the start-ups and their intellectual properties an entity is known as ‘Meity start-up Hub’ has been created

This is to innovate, connect with each other, collaborate and transform technology and integrate with each other Meity start-up Hub is used.

Registration Process

Registration process
  • With the necessary details filled-in, the company can get registered in ISPR.
Sign up Page

With ISPR, one can get to know about the different companies that are registered in ISPR.

  • They can get connected with the buyers globally
  • Can able to find the different types of software products that are being developed in India.
  • One can understand the statistics and the simple analytics behind software product development.

Contact details

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  • Phone: +91-11-24301955
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