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India Investment Grid (IIG)

India Investment Grid (IIG) is initiated by the Department of Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and Invest India. India is becoming one of the World’s leading investment place. The India Investment Grid (IIG) is a home for investment opportunities across India which works on a single interactive platform. This was formed as an initiative to enhance the business platform in India. India Investment Grid connects all the efficient and potential investors to projects and different promoters.

There are entire shelf opportunities for business across 25 sectors and 69 sub-sectors. These include Tourism projects, water infrastructure projects, Space development projects, Electricity projects, space development projects, etc. There are about 640 promoters in 578 districts with almost 4187 projects ongoing.

India Investment Grid Activities

India Investment Grid (IIG) is an online web portal with several opportunities for investors and promoters, which include both Government and Private sectors. It is spread across all the States of India, industry sectors and Government schemes. Investors from all over the world can easily search and identify and also keep track of investment opportunities every day. The portal updates its information every week. It also helps in connecting with Indian promoters and participating in critical opportunities. It is designed as a user-friendly system and classification of projects under Government schemes, districts and sub-sectors are made. These are some of the unique aspects of India Investment Grid.

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Home page of IIG

Home page of IIG

Procedure to start

  • Login Page for registered users

Login Page of IIG

Login Page of IIG

  • New users registration page, the separate category is chosen for either investment or promotion.
Investment or Promotion Page
Choosing the scheme – Investment or Promotion
  • New updates, every week the portal is updated with current business-related information and news.
  • State-wise opportunities and projects can be accessed.
Information on States
Information on States
  • Investment opportunities in different fields or sectors can be accessed. Some are shown as an example below:

Investment opportunities in different fields or sectors

Investment opportunities in different fields or sectorsThe entire list of sectors can be viewed on the website.

This India Investment Grid is focused on all the investment opportunities across India. It helps the user to search the various schemes and on-going projects and helps in connecting with them and also promotion can be done through this portal.

Invest India Grid incorporates foreign agencies and Corporate industries together. Invest India provides some of the following opportunities:

  • It provides a platform for research which is relevant to the investment schemes that are available in India.
  • There is a Policy Advisory bureau where adequate details about the existing policies are given. Clarifications of the queries raised are made. Policy feedback is collected from the investors is taken from the respective departments.
  • Stakeholder meetings are arranged in order to connect all the investors to the government representatives. And meetings are arranged with joint venture partners.
  • Site visits are accompanied for investors. And assistance will be provided related to site lease or site purchase.
  • Location analysis will be made on the potential of the investment locations and comparison is made on different locations. Finally, the comparative data is provided by the State to the Investors.
  • Resolving all types of issues for investors.
  • Regulatory and clearance facilitation is made for investors.

Invest India Network

  • The portal helps in searching or exploring pan-India projects that are organized by sectors and states.
  • It helps in identifying the projects and filter through projects to seek specific investment opportunities.
  • A free environment to connect with Indian promoters and global investors is provided.
  • The network helps in tracking the selected projects with real-time access to all the current status updates.
  • The promotion of the selected projects can be done by showcasing the projects in India through a user-friendly platform.
  • Analysing, comparing, and evaluating the projects across various sectors and states is done.

Some of the Projects under IIG

  • Sanitation and clean water: Cleaning the water and sanitation is one of the main issues in both urban and rural areas of the country. The Indian Government has taken actions and necessary measures towards boosting investment opportunities and achieving clean water sanitation.
  • Industry and Infrastructure: IIG takes efforts in investments for industrial, innovations and infrastructure growth. IIG hosts more than 5000 ongoing projects across 36 states and Union Territories. It creates a pathway for global investors to participate in the growth of India.
  • Clean and pure Energy: Many parts of the Country, including 1.2 billion people still do not have proper access to electricity. And many do not have clean cooking fuel. India aims to achieve 175 GW of energy to address all the needs by 2030. About 390 projects based on this is listed in the IIG portal.
  • Sustainable Cities: India seeks on the saying “Housing for all” by 2022. This will include the construction of 10 million houses in both rural and urban areas. And aims to provide a clean environment for the people with all the basic needs being provided. IIG portal has over 330 projects under residential areas development. And more than 2000 projects are on-going under the smart city mission.

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