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Income Tax New e-filing Portal

Income Tax New e-filing Portal

The Income Tax Department has launched its new e-filing portal on 7th June 2021 to make the routine income tax return (ITR) filing process easier and hassle-free. This is another initiative by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) towards providing ease of compliance to its taxpayers and other stakeholders.  This new e-filing Portal has various advantages that aim to make income tax return (ITR) filing easy and seamless. The current article briefs the feature and benefits of the Income Tax New e-filing Portal.

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The objective of e-Filing 2.0

Income Tax New e-filing 2.0 Portal is the official portal of the Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance, and Government of India. The portal has been developed as a Mission Mode Project under the National E-Governance Plan. The key objective of this portal is to provide single window access to income tax-related services for taxpayers and other stakeholders.

Services Offered

The new e-filing portal offers the following services to taxpayers and other stakeholders:

  • e-Verify Return – Verify ITRs without login to the portal
  • Link Aadhaar – Link Aadhaar with PAN to e-file return and know details about Aadhaar Details
  • e-Pay Tax – Pay your pending taxes online
  • ITR Status – Track status of e-filed Income Tax Returns
  • Verify PAN – Ensure your PAN Details are correct
  • Know TAN – Know about Tax Deductor across India
  • Tax Information & Services – Know more about the Tax Services
  • Authenticate order notice by ITD – Know if notice/order received is authentic
  • Know Your AO – Know about your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer
  • Instant E-PAN – Apply for New PAN/Update PAN details/Check PAN Status
  • TDS on Cash Withdrawal – TDS on Cash Withdrawal under section 194N
  • Verify Service Request – verify pending service request initiated by ERI on your behalf

Benefits of Income Tax New e-filing Portal

As mentioned above, the new e-filing Portal will provide several benefits to the taxpayers and it will make the return filing process easy and convenient for them.

  • The new income tax filing portal comes with advantages like free Income Tax Returns (ITR) preparation software for forms ITR-1,4 (online and offline) and ITR-2 (offline).
  • The New e-filing Portal is merged with the processing of ITs which will enable the taxpayers to get a quick refund. The new software will be taxpayer-friendly and easy to use.
  • The new portal will also assist the taxpayers to file Income Tax forms, submit responses to various scrutiny and appeals and also add tax professionals.
  • A single dashboard will be present for the taxpayers on the new online tax portal to assist them with multiple interactions and uploads. One can also follow all their pending requests easily now on the new e-filing portal.
  • In an attempt to help the taxpayers and make the process of taxpaying hassle-free, a new call center will be set up by the income tax department.
  • On this portal, the taxpayers can update all the professional details and other relevant information related to their business which will be used at the time of filing ITRs.

Note: The new tax payment system will be launched on 18th June 2021 after the advance tax installment date to avoid any inconvenience.

Salient features of Income Tax New e-filing Portal

Salient features of the new income tax e-portal are as follows:

  • The new e-filing portal will issue detailed frequently asked questions (FAQ), chatbox, video, live agent to help the taxpayers understand the features of the new portal.
  • The portal also comes with a reminder about the necessary compliance which will prompt the taxpayers to complete all their pending filings.
  • Taxpayers will now be able to pre-fill their salary income, interest, and dividends and all the capital gains will be reflected after TDS and SFT deductions.
  • The new portal will also have a new online tax payment system with various options like net banking, credit card, UPI, NEFT, and RTGS for easy payment of taxes.
  • A new mobile application will also be launched subsequently which will help the taxpayers to understand various features of the new portal.
Income Tax New e-filing Portal - Benefits
Income Tax New e-filing Portal – Benefits

Static Password Feature of New e-filing Portal

To make e-filing easier for taxpayers, the income tax department has added many features in this new income tax e-filing portal that includes static password generation, which is re-usable in nature

The static password feature of the new income tax site is useful for taxpayers who don’t have limited internet connection or access to mobile phones. Such taxpayers find it difficult to get OTP (One Time Password) or EVC (Electronic Verification Code). For such taxpayers, the static password will be a useful tool given by the income tax department’s new portal.  By using a static password, one can do the authentication as the new website requires two-layer authentication.

Procedure to Generate Static Password on New e-filing Portal

The taxpayer who wishes to generate a static password needs to log in to the portal. Then click on the ‘My Profile’ option and follow some simple steps and their static password will get generated.

  • Log in at the new official income tax portal and Click on the ‘My Profile’ option available on the profile page
  • There the taxpayer can find the ‘Generate Static Password’ option on the left menu. Click on that to proceed further.

Note: Read all instructions, terms, and conditions carefully before clicking on the ‘Generate Static Password’ option

  • The taxpayer will be given 10 static passwords anyone of it can be used for login.
  • However, the taxpayer must note that these 10 static passwords will be valid for 30 days only and one can’t use the same password for next time login.

The Grievances Cell

As mentioned above, a single-window is developed to raise all the grievances through the e-filing portal. This window enables taxpayers to address any concern that arises during the filing process or after.


e-Proceedings are an electronic platform for conducting proceedings in an end-to-end manner.

All the notices, intimations, letters from the department are made available under e-proceedings, where the assessee would be able to view and submit the response, along with attachments by uploading the same on the e-filing portal. It enables safe storage and tracking of all-e-submission made by the assessee and makes the entire process paperless.

Online e-Filing Process (ITR-1and ITR-4)

The process of filing ITR-1 and ITR-4 on the new e-filing portal is discussed below:

  • The taxpayer needs to access the new e-filing portal and go to the e-File option and then file an income tax return.
  • Now, the taxpayers have to select the assessment year, filing type, ITR type, and submission mode.
  • Select the status option. Continue if you are sure about the ITR type or you can click on proceed to help find your ITR
  • Select the reason for filing and fill the applicable fields of the ITR
  • Once the EVC/OTP is provided for e-verification of the ITR, the e-filing process of ITR is completed

Offline e-filing Process

The taxpayer needs to download the applicable JSON utility from the e-Filing portal.

  • Go to Downloads and select Income tax Returns and download utility
  • Furnish all details in the applicable fields in the ITR utility and Generate a JSON file
  • Log in to the e-Filing portal and go to the e-File option and select income tax returns and select file income tax returns
  • After selecting the assessment year, filing type, ITR type, submission mode upload the Generated JSON file. Provide the EVC/OTP for e-verification of the ITR

E-Verification ITR

Once you have submitted the ITR, it’s very important to verify the same to complete the process. E-Verification is the easiest way of verifying the ITR as its saves the efforts of sending ITR-V to CPC Bangalore.

E-filing Vault

To shield the e-filing account against any fraudulent activity or unauthorized access, e-Filing Vault adds a second level of authentication which ensures a higher degree of security, compared to a single user ID and password.

Higher security options are available for r-filing login and Reset password through the following options.

  • Net Banking
  • Aadhaar OTP
  • Digital Signature
  • Certificate (DSC)
  • Bank Account EVC
  • Demat account EVC

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