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Gujarat Land Value Certificate – Jantri


Gujarat Land Value Certificate – Jantri

Jantri is a legal document which specifies the land and buildings at a particular time. The government of Gujarat fixes the unit rates of land or building in the state from time to time. Gujarat property registration charges and the stamp duty are calculated based on the unit rates of land maintained by the Gujarat Government. Property prices managed by the Government will be re-examined periodically as per market value and Jantri value. Gujarat land value certificate contains the value of land according to the current market value  of land in that particular area at that time. In this article, we will look at the procedure for obtaining Gujarat Land Value Certificate – Jantri for a property in detail.

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Uses of Gujarat Jantri or Land Value Certificate

The Gujarat land value certificate is used in many places but other than crop loans. The uses of Gujarat land value certificate or Jantri are given here:

  • Land valuation certificate (Jantri) is a crucial document to obtain property loan from the bank
  • Jantri document is used for increasing the credit limit of loan
  • Land value certificate is a mandatory document for a person to enroll himself as a contractor
  • This Jantri document can be furnished for surety purpose at the time of applying for a loan
  • Gujarat land Value Certificate is very useful for applying for the visa
  • The Central Government’s Income tax department considers the Jantri the purpose of Capital Gains tax calculation.

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Attributes in Gujarat Jantri Document

The following details relating to a land/building will be recorded in the Gujarat Jantri or Land Value Certificate.

  • The Gujarat Jantri document is one of the essential documents to get property description details recorded on the Registration of Property.
  • This Jantri document provides the details regarding the unit rate of land as on date.
  • Gujarat land value certificate/Jantri also furnishes the year of valuation and the time of assessment etc.

Note: It is advised for property owners to check and obtain a land value certificate for every 3 to 5 years

Check Jantri Rates Online

Jantri rate is the minimum price of land or building in a particular area. The revenue department of Gujarat government decides price (Jantri) of each land depending on its Location. Jantri Price is primarily based on certain auctions of the plots which are very specifically sold at high premium mainly by big corporate houses.  The calculation of the rate of Jantri is based on the following factors:

  • Type of Structure
  • Infrastructure provisions
  • Maintenance condition and specifications

To get the value of land online, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1: Access the home page of Gujarat Revenue Department. From the home page, click on the Jantri option. The link will be redirected to new Jantri Page.

Image 1 Gujarat Land Value Certificate - Jantri
Image 1 Gujarat Land Value Certificate – Jantri

Step 2: In the new page, the district map of Gujarat will be shown. From that, you need to select the concerned district of the land.

Image 2 Gujarat Land Value Certificate - Jantri
Image 2 Gujarat Land Value Certificate – Jantri

Step 3: On selecting the district you need to provide other details to get rate land value. Select the Taluka, Village, Land type and Survey number from the drop-down menu.

Image 3 Gujarat Land Value Certificate - Jantri
Image 3 Gujarat Land Value Certificate – Jantri

Step 4: By clicking on Show Jantri option, the rate of Jantri will be displayed. Jantri details include DEVLAND, FLAT_RESI, FLAT_OFFI, FLAT_SHOP, INDUSIND, AGRIPIYAT and AGRIPPINA.

Image 4 Gujarat Land Value Certificate - Jantri
Image 4 Gujarat Land Value Certificate – Jantri

Documents Required

The documents mentioned below need to be furnished for obtaining Gujarat Land Value Certificate:

  • A copy of the registration documents
  • Pattadar passbook copy
  • A copy of the title deed/sale deed
  • Encumbrance certificate  Copy

Prescribed Authority

The prescribed authority for issuing Gujarat land value certificate or Jantri is Tahsildar.

Processing Period

The land value certificate will be issued within 30 days from the date of  submission of application.

Applying for Jantri through e-Dhara Kendra

Procedure to apply for Gujarat land value certificate or Jantri through e-Dhara Kendra is explained in detail below.

Approach e-Dhara Kendra

Step 1: Applicant needs to approach the nearest e-Dhara Kendra for applying land value certificate.

Submit an Application

 Step 2: The applicant has to submit an application in the prescribed format for the Jantri certificate at e-Dhara Kendra. Fill the application form with below-mentioned details:

  • Personal details – Name, father name, Aadhaar card number and Address of landowner
  • Details of land such as Extent of land and Land units (acres) Survey number and Address of Land
  • Informant details  such as Name, Relationship with the landowner, Mobile number and e-mail ID.

Note: Mention the mode of delivery of Gujarat land value certificate.

We have here with attached an application form to Gujarat land value certificate.


Step 3:  Submit all supporting documents (refer above) to the e-Dhara Kendra service operator. The request for Gujarat Jantri document will be forwarded online to the concerned authority, i.e., Tahsildar.

Note: e-Dhara Kendra service operator will issue a receipt with Jantri application number. Application number will also be sent to the registered mail ID and mobile number. Keep it safe for future reference.

Jantri Document Processing

Step 4: The concerned authority, Tahsildar will process the land value certificate request online.

Step 5: After downloading all verification and Proceeding documents, the concerned authority will conduct a field-level enquiry. After enquiry, Tahsildar will take action for issuing Jantri document.

Application Status

Gujarat land value application status will be updated through SMS. The applicant can also track application status from e-Dhara Kendra.

Verify Possession Document

Once the applicant’s Jantri request is accepted, an SMS will be sent to registered mobile number as the application has been approved. By visiting e-Dhara Kendra, you can verify the Jantri document. In case any mistake found, contact e-Dhara Kendra operator for make correction in the document.

Get Gujarat Jantri

After field verification, if the concerned authority approves the request for land value certificate, Gujarat Jantri will be dispatched through courier from e-Dhara Kendra to applicant’s address if the delivery type is speed post Local or Non-Local.

If the delivery type is manual, then the applicant has to collect the Jantri document from e-Dhara Kendra where he/she has applied for the land value certificate.

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