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Goa Fire License

Goa Fire License

Goa Fire License

As per the provisions of the Goa Fire and Emergency Services Act, it is compulsory to possess a Fire License or No-Objection Certificate to obtain a building plan approval from the Local Municipal Authority. Goa Fire and Emergency Services Department issues fire license to verify the conformity of requirements of fire safety measures of premises. In this article, we have a look at the procedure for obtaining Goa fire license in detail.

Goa Fire and Emergency Services Act

According to the Goa Fire and Emergency Services Act, any person intending to hold construction or building of more than fifteen meters in height for business or commercial plans has to request for a fire no objection certificate to the respective Cheif Fire Officer. The form has to be duly approved before submission along with the appropriate building plans to the sanctioned authority which is the Local Municipal Corporation under the state law.

Benefits of Obtaining Fire License

An individual is seeking to get a fire license under the following conditions:

  • Fire license is required for anyone looking a trade license or an occupation certificate from the municipal corporation in the state.
  • Fire license is obligated to take out businesses and trading activities, as listed under the Department of Fire and Emergency Services in Goa.
  • Fire license is excepted to verify that a building is resistant or unlikeliness to observe any fire-related accident.

Fire License Categories for Buildings

The following listed-out categories are required to obtain a Fire License in Goa.

  • Education buildings.
  • Residential apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and sanatoria
  • Custodial institutions
  • Telephone exchange
  • Assembly buildings
  • Multiplex buildings
  • Business buildings
  • Mercantile buildings
  • Industrial buildings Low hazard
  • Industrial buildings Moderate risk
  • Industrial buildings High risk
  • Storage buildings High risk

Documents Required

The below specified are the required documents that should be submitted along with the application form of Goa fire license.

  • Site Plan
  • Basement Floor Plan
  • Stilt/Ground Floor Plan
  • Floor-wise plan
  • Terrace plan.
  • Section plan
  • Elevation plan
  • Complete Detail of Building
  • Photo of the fire system in working condition.
  • Sanction of Building Plan.
  • Fire Consultant Certificate
  • And if any other supporting records related to the above documents.

Online Application Procedure for Goa Fire License

Applicants can apply online for fire No Objection Certificate in the state of Goa by following the steps mentioned below:

Visit the Official Portal

Step 1: Visit the official portal of Goa Fire and Emergency Services Department.


Step 2: The applicant needs to click on “E-Services” tab which is visible on the homepage of the portal.

Goa Fire License- Image 1
Goa Fire License- Image 1

Registration Process

 Step 3: On the next page, the Login or Registration page will open up.

Goa Fire License- Image 2Goa Fire License- Image 2
Goa Fire License- Image 2

Existing User

Step 4: If already registered the applicant can log in into the portal directly with the help of username and password.

New User Registration

Step 5: If you are a new user then click on “Register” tab to register on the state portal.

User Registration Form

Step 6: Then the new user registration form will open up on the current screen. Fill the necessary details such as

  • Applicant name
  • Email id
  • District name
  • State name
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number

After filling all the required information click on the “Create Account” button.

Goa Fire License- Image 3
Goa Fire License- Image 3

Login into State Portal

Step 7: The applicant will be redirected to the homepage where you need to click on the “Login” tab.

Goa Fire License- Image 4
Goa Fire License- Image 4

Provide Login Details

Step 8: Enter the login details with the username and password along with the captcha code and click the “Login” button.

Goa Fire License- Image 5
Goa Fire License- Image 5

Receive Successful Message

Step 9: After logging into the portal then the successful message for registration will be displayed.

Step 10: Then the applicant will be redirected again to the login page provide login details and click on the “Login” button.

Submit new e-Form

Step 11: Click on “Submit new E-from” link to apply for fire license through online.

Goa Fire License- Image 6
Goa Fire License- Image 6

Locate Service

Step 12: You need to search your application form by clicking on the appropriate department (Fire and Emergency Services department) and then click on the “Search” button.

Select Application Form   

Step 13: Applicant will have to select the application form he wants to apply, for that he has to click on more link under the action column.

Goa Fire License- Image 8
Goa Fire License- Image 8

Submit Online

Step 14: On the next page the applicant has to click on submit an online link.

Filling Application Form

Step 15: The Application form is opened in a new page, The applicant should furnish the relevant details and accept the declaration made below.

Upload Documents

Step 16: After clicking on the submit button a page will get open wherein he or she has to upload their photo and signature and then click on “Complete submission” button.

Complete Submission

Step 17: Upon submission, the successful message regarding your submission will be shown along with the receipt number which can be used for further reference.

Goa Fire License
Goa Fire License

View Submitted Application Status

Step 18: Go to the home page of the portal under search your transaction tab applicant can see all the transactions he has initiated for, and on clicking receipt number, the applicant can view the status of the form submitted online.

Download Application form

Step 19: On clicking the download link, form which applicant have filled will be downloaded and can view the form. Also below under Form Status tab, the Applicant can check the status of the form.

Licensing Fee

The licensing fees of Rs. 10/- per square meter of the Built-up area of the premises will be leviable as per Government Notification from the applicant.

Issuance of Fire License

After receipt of the form, the concerned officers from the Department of Fire and Emergency Service will set a date for regarding  Fire Safety Audit or Inspection of the building or premises of the business owner in ten days from the application. Upon completion of the first Inspection, Provisional NOC will be issued.

Then, a copy of Recommendation or Suggestion for implementation of Fire Safety Measures will be issued to the business owner who will be required to comply with the Recommendations/Suggestion and will submit Implementation and Compliance Report to the Fire and Emergency service Department.

 By analysis the receipt of the Implementation or Compliance Report. Declaration by Owner / Occupier of the building, Technical Officer will re-inspect the building/premises, and on the satisfaction of the Technical officer, recommendation for issuing of the No Objection Certificate will be submitted to the Head of the Department of Fire and Emergency Service.

On the approval of the Head of the Department, No Objection Certificate will be issued to the business owner.

Renewal of Fire License

The fire license or no objection certificate can be utilised for one year from the date of issue of license. Hence, it has to be renewed every year. The Fire No objection certificate that can be renewed by filling the application form for the renewal of Fire NOC from the Fire services department portal. Power of granting the license under this Act shall be exercised by the Licensing Authority or by such officer who may be authorised by the State Government in this behalf.

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