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FSSAI License for FBOs Manufacturing Indian Sweets and Snacks

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India on 19th July 2021 have assigned the Food Product category 18 in the food safety compliance system (FoSCoS) under General Manufacturing kind of business to ease the licensing/registration of small and medium food businesses manufacturing sweets and snacks & savories.

Now, FBOs involved in the manufacturing of Indian Sweets, Snacks and Savouries can apply for FSSAI registration, state license, central license through FoSCoS. 

FSSAI also announced that any FBO already licensed under the proprietary food need not get their license modified under these new categories. 

Eligible Products for FSSAI License

The eligible Indian Sweets and Indian Snacks and Savouries Products for FSSAI License are as follows:

Indian Sweets

  • Milk Based Sweets
    • Khoa Based Sweets
    • Chhana based Sweets
    • Fermented Milk products based Sweets
  • Cereal or pulses flour/starch-based sweets
    • Cereal based sweets
    • Pulses based Sweets
    • Starch-based Sweets
  • Dry fruit and nuts based Sweets
  • Indian Confections
  • Fruit and Vegetables based Sweets

Indian Snacks and Savouries

  • Cereal or pulses flour/starch-based snacks and savories
  • Fruit and Vegetable-based snacks and Savouries
  • Dry fruits and nuts based snacks and savories
  • Ready to eat and ready to cook products

Detailed descriptors of these food categories are given in the following documents.


Note: It is clarified that the above-mentioned Food Product Category 18 shall not apply to those products whose standards have aired been defined by FSSAI and mapped in FoSCoS under Food Products category 01-14 for license and registration purposes.

Important Announcement for FBO

The FBOs Manufacturing Indian Sweets and Snacks are requested to note the following guidelines while applying for FSSAI registration/license for the Indian Sweets and Snacks

  • Any FBO manufacturing any Indian sweets and snacks & savories that are already licensed under the proprietary food need not get their license modified under these new categories.
  • The FBO such as caterers, restaurants & other food services which serve/sell fresh unpacked sweets/snacks & savories at their premises shall obtain registration/license as per the existing food category as per their eligibility.
  • Any FBO, whose products do not fall under FPC 18 Indian Sweets and Indian Snacks and Savouries, Shall be licensed under proprietary foods per the pre-existing categories.
  • FBOs selling pre-packaged Sweets/Snacks & Savouries need to obtain a license for General Manufacturing Kind of Business under FPC 18 as per eligibility criteria.
  • Contaminants including heavy metals and pesticides residues: as specified for the category ‘foods not specified” under Food Safety and Standards (Contaminants, Toxins, and Residues) Regulation, 2011 shall be applicable for the products covered under these categories.
  • FBOs involved in Kind of Businesses other than manufactures and having food product categories under the following categories shall be allowed to conduct their food business activities for the products covered under FPC 18 without modifying the existing license.
    • Diary products and analogs, excluding products of food category 2.0
    • Fruits and Vegetables including mushrooms and fungi, roots and tubers, fresh pulses and legumes and aloe vera, seaweeds and nuts and seeds
    • Confectionary
    • Ready to eat savories
    • Prepared food

Fee Structure

The fee structure for obtaining the FSSAI License for FBOs Manufacturing Indian Sweets and Snacks is tabulated here:




1 Manufacturing License Rs.2000 to 7500 per year
2 Registration Certificate Rs.100 per year
3 Modification of License and Certificate Rs.1000 for license and Rs.100 for registration
4 Renewal of License and Certificate Same as New license/Registration

Modification of FSSAI License

As mentioned above, any FBO already licensed under the proprietary food need not get their license modified under these new categories. 

Documents for Modification of FSSAI License

The FBOs are required to upload the following documents while applying for an application.

  • Any change in documents or information provided during the grant of the previous food business license.
  • Certificate of Food Safety Management System being adopted
  • Medical fitness certificates of all workers engaged in the firm
  • All details of technical personnel in charge of the operation

Procedure to Apply for FSSAI License Modification

To modify the existing FSSAI license FBOs need to submit an online application through online mode on Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS)  and possess a valid receipt of the application having a seventeen-digit application reference number.

  • After login to the FoSCoS portal, a dashboard will be displayed, By clicking on the Modification option, the FBO can modify the respective FSSAI License or Registration Certificate.
  • Click on the procedure in front of the respective FSSAI License or Registration Certificate which you need to modify.
  • After clicking on proceed, a window will prompt by the system. Click on it to proceed further.
  • Now, the manufacturing FBO needs to modify his/her products. According to the new methodology, they do not need to type the products in the textbox rather select the products from the given checklist.
  • Now click first up of all clicks on the general manufacturing tab and did the general manufacturing category. Now, the applicant can observe that the second option has already been selected which means this license is granted for this category only
  • Now click on proceed and then select the click here option. Until the products category, the applicant can view all the details provided in the existing FSSAI License.
  • Select the kind of product from the checklist and click on add option and then submit. Now select the kind of business from the checklist and then submit the option.
  • In this way, manufacture can add any product to the existing FSSAI License.
  • Select the appropriate certificate/license which you need to apply for a modification. a confirmation window will display, click on the ok button to proceed further.

Note: If any FBO’s Modification Application is rejected by the Authority, the particular FBO is needed to stop their business operation till the Modification part gets completed.

Other Conditions for FSSAI License Modification

  • The concerned FBO can select a single Modification Category at a time in the FSSAI License Modification process
  • Food Manufacturers who have already obtained a Food License but in the wrong category, are required to get their License Modified
  • For adding a new business, change of business address, change in contact details, or change in the product category – an FBO is requisite to file for FSSAI License Modification
  • The FSSAI Designated Officer (D.O.) is responsible to scrutinize the Modification Application and the D.O. may seek any clarification from the FBO. The query is needed to be responded to within the next 30 days

Procedure for New FSSAI Registration/ License

The process flow of applying for food business registration/ license is similar to FLRS with minimal changes in overall functionality.

After login to the portal, the dashboard will be displayed, click on the License/Registration option in the left menu and select the Apply for New License/Registration option.

Select the head office as per the KoB details and Select appropriate kind of business applications as per food Business to be conducted. The user needs to provide the details in Form-B and submit the application for registration.

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