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FSSAI Declaration Format

FSSAI registration or FSSAI license is required for all persons involved in food manufacturing or processing or packaging or distributing. According the FSSAI Act, all applicants for FSSAI registration or license are required to sign and submit a FSSAI declaration. In the FSSAI declaration the applicant for FSSAI registration or license affirms and declares the following:

  • All information furnished for the FSSAI registration or license application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • That the food business conducted or proposed to be conducted  conforms to the Food Safety and Standards Act, Rules and Regulations.
  • The the foods business conforms to guidelines on Hygiene and Sanitary Practices provided under Schedule 4 of the Registration and Licensing Regulation published by the FSSAI.

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FSSAI Hygiene Requirements

To obtain FSSAI registration or license, the business is required to maintain standards as per the guidelines laid out by the FSSAI for Hygiene and Sanitary practices.

The following is the FSSAI standards pertaining to location of a foods business:

The food business should ideally be located away from environmental pollution and industrial activities that produce disagreeable or obnoxious odour, fumes, excessive soot, dust, smoke, chemical or biological emissions and pollutants, and which pose a threat of contaminating food. In case there are hazards of other environment polluting industry located nearby, appropriate measures should be taken by the food business to protect the manufacturing area from any potential contamination. In case of food manufacturing premise, the premises should not have direct access to any residential area.

The following is the FSSAI standards pertaining to hygiene practices adopted by the food business:

Equipment and containers that come in contact with food and used for food handling, storage, preparation, processing, packaging and serving should be made of corrosion free materials which do not impart any toxicity to the food material and should be easy to clean and /or disinfect (other than disposable single use types). The equipment and utensils used in the preparation of food should also be kept at all times in good order and repair and in a clean and sanitary condition. Further, any utensil or container used in food preparation or processing should not be used for any other purpose. Also, all utensil or container containing any food or ingredient of food intended for sale should at all times be either provided with a properly fitted cover/lid or with a clean gauze net or other material of texture sufficiently fine to protect the food completely from dust, dirt and flies and other insects.

Read more about FSSAI Hygiene and Sanitary Guidelines.

Creating FSSAI Declaration

The FSSAI Declaration is a mandatory attachment while applying for FSSAI Food Product approval or FSSAI Food Business License. FSSAI declaration can be printed on the letterhead of the business and signed by the promoter or person authorised to make FSSAI registration or license application.


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