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FSSAI Declaration Format


FSSAI Declaration Format

FSSAI registration or FSSAI license is required for all persons involved in food manufacturing, processing, packaging, or distributing. According to the FSSAI Act, all applicants for FSSAI registration or license are required to sign and submit an FSSAI declaration. Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Declaration is a form under rule 2.5.1 of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, required to be signed by the Proprietor or Partner or Director of the entity applying for FSSAI Food Product Approval or FSSAI Food Business License. 

FSSAI License and Registration

A Food Safety and Standards Authority of India License or Registration is required for any food business in India that manufactures, stores, transports, or distributes food. Depending on the size and nature of the business, FSSAI registration or license may be required.

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FSSAI Product Approval

FSSAI product approval is the process by which a product gets approved by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India before they are introduced in the market. The FSSAI has set standards for various food products through the Food Safety and Standards (FSS) Act, 2006, and multiple Regulations.

However, many new food products and ingredients are introduced by Food Business Operators (FBOs) every year that are not covered under the Act or Regulations. FSSAI Product Approval is mandatory for food products not covered under any FSSAI Act or Regulations.

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FSSAI Declaration

In the FSSAI declaration, the applicant for FSSAI registration or license affirms and declares the following:

  • All information furnished for the FSSAI registration or license application is true and correct to my knowledge.
  • The food business conducted or proposed to be undertaken to the Food Safety and Standards Act, Rules, and Regulations.
  • The foods business conforms to Hygiene and Sanitary Practices guidelines provided under Schedule 4 of the Registration and Licensing Regulation published by the FSSAI.

Through the FSSAI Declaration, the owner of a food business in India can nominate an employee of the company in charge of establishment, branch, or unit to be responsible and liable for food safety or any infringement of the FSSAI Act and rules/regulations.

Creating FSSAI Declaration

The FSSAI Declaration is a mandatory attachment while applying for FSSAI Food Product approval or FSSAI Food Business License. The document must be in the declaration format as demanded by the FSSAI. The food business operator can print the FSSAI declaration on the company’s letterhead. This document can be signed by the proprietor, partner, director, or the person authorized to make FSSAI registration or license application.

Download FSSAI Declaration Format

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