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Frozen Bottle Franchise

Frozen Bottle Franchise

Frozen Bottle Franchise

Signature Thick Shakes and Moo’re

In a world full of dismay, something’s will always brighten up the day: the milkshake. Nothing can cheer a person up like the perfect creamy frothiness of a thick milkshake. Indians have adopted these heavily garnished drinks and given them a home. Frozen Bottle, one of India’s trendiest milkshake brands and it is an ever-growing plethora. Frozen Bottle is on the run to build its outlet army across the globe. The harder we will shake, then the better we will make, join your hands with Frozen Bottle to shake up your career. In this article, we look at the procedure for starting a Frozen Bottle Franchise in detail.

Know more about Elements of Franchise Agreement

Inaugural Days of Frozen Bottle

Frozen Bottle Franchise started off from Bangalore it is now in over five cities in our country with 15 outlets and aims to open up over 200 outlets in the next two years. With a mission and vision to grow, learn, serve and revolutionise the frozen dessert scene in and around India. It helps a wide variety of Frozen Desserts, Signature Thick Shakes and one of its kind Ice Cream Jars that are 100% vegetarian. The birth of Frozen Bottle in the 21st century makes it contemporarily rich and well versed with the youth spectrum. 

Products of Frozen Bottle

  • Ice Cream Pizza
  • Waffle Sticks
  • Milk Shakes
  • Stone Jars

Frozen Bottle Franchise Vision

Frozen bottle brands vision is to make frozen bottle complete dessert destinations, by serving world class desserts and establishing these small amazing looking units in 400 plus destinations.

Potential Areas of Expansion

Frozen Bottle Franchise is presented in forty places across the country; Frozen Bottle proposes to expand its portfolio to many more locations in India as well as in the world.

Frozen Bottle Franchise current Locations

  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Pune
  • Hyderabad
  • Manipal
  • Coimbatore

Upcoming Frozen Bottle Franchise in India

  • Gujarat
  • Kerala
Image 1 Frozen Bottle Franchise
Image 1 Frozen Bottle Franchise

Forthcoming International Outlets

  • Malaysia
  • Dubai
  • Muscat
  • Colombo

Why Partner with Frozen Bottle?

  • Frozen bottle assures that low investment with high result
  • Currently serving memories in 15 locations in India and also looking to expand in major cities
  • Rocketing with leaps and bounds, Frozen Bottle is rapidly growing and seeking for entrepreneurs who can help build on the dream and take Frozen Bottle Franchise to new horizons.

Frozen Bottle Franchise Stability

Raw Materials: Key Raw Materials are processed and packaged in individual serving sizes, in state of the art vendor facilities.

Recipe SOP: Frozen bottle has developed recipes that have very simple SOP’s and had all the sauces, and some materials have at least 9-14 months of shelf life.

Minimum Finalisation at Outlet: Frozen bottle has minimum finalisation at outlet level resulting in standardisation; reduce skill set, low wastage and quick preparation.

Turnaround Time: Frozen bottle turnaround time for every shake is not more than 45 seconds.

Tie up with leading supplier: Frozen bottle has tied up with leading suppliers for bulk purchases, the supply of the best quality items and favourable commercial terms.

Lower Food Costs: Minimal processes needed at each store level resulting lower in wastage

Lower Employee Costs & Attrition: Eliminates the need for and dependence on highly skilled staff at each outlet

Better Inventory Management: It allows greater visibility and control into the flow of goods from the manufacturer of outlets.

Integrated Supply Chains:  More Efficient and better equipped to deal with Geographic and Demand Expansion.

Image 2 Frozen Bottle Franchise
Image 2 Frozen Bottle Franchise

Frozen Bottle Tailor: It made software can ascertain complete store stock visibility, monitor exceptions, assesses purchase orders and inventory needs.

Investment and Capex for Frozen Bottle Franchise

Model Stand Alone Up to 250 Sq ft Stand Alone Up to 350 Sq ft Stand Alone Up to 500 Sq ft Mall Up to 200 Sq ft
Area Requirement Up to 250 Sq Ft Up to 350 Sq Ft Up to 500 Sq Ft Up to 200 Sq Ft
Frontage 12 ft + 12 ft + 12 ft + 12 ft +
Kitchen Equipment w/o stone Rs.600000 Rs.600000 Rs.600000 Rs.600000
Kitchen Equipment with stone Rs.700000 Rs.700000 Rs.700000 Rs.700000
Interiors with TV & Microwave Rs.1300000 Rs.1550000 Rs.1750000 Rs.1300000
Electrical Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000
Software & Hardware Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000
Interiors design & site engineer Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000
Franchise Fees Rs. 600000 Rs. 600000 Rs. 600000 Rs. 600000
Franchise Fees with Stone Rs. 800000 Rs. 800000 Rs. 800000 Rs. 800000
Opening Marketing Expense Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000
Signage and graphics Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000 Rs.100000
Royalty 8% or Rs.40000 8% or Rs.40000 8% or Rs.40000 8% or Rs.40000
Investment without stone Rs.3000000 Rs.3300000 Rs.3600000 Rs.3000000
Total Investment with stone Rs.3300000 Rs.3600000 Rs.3900000 Rs.3300000

Handshake with Frozen Bottle

Memories are the wire that connects happiness to all of our soul. Frozen Bottle Franchise has one sole purpose, and that is to serve memories encapsulated in frozen bottles of delight.

The enthusiastic entrepreneur who wishes to join hands with Frozen Bottle can apply by following many processes such as Directly contacting head office through phone or by dropping a mail or by online application.

Make a Call

An entrepreneur who is interested in becoming a Frozen Bottle franchisee can contact the Head office directly by telephone.

Contact Number: 9743430121 and 080-48669920

On receiving the required information, the applicant (entrepreneur) will be required to fill out and submit a detailed Franchise Application Form.

Drop a Mail

If an entrepreneur wishes to join the Frozen Bottle franchisee family and cash upon the vast opportunities of the ever-growing market of shakes, drop a mail at [email protected]

Register with Frozen Bottle

An entrepreneur can also apply for Frozen Bottle Franchise online. Guideline for applying online is given here:

Visit the homepage of Frozen Bottle. From the main menu click on Franchise option and then click on Inquire now.

Image 3 Frozen Bottle Franchise
Image 3 Frozen Bottle Franchise

Provide all necessary details to registration with a frozen bottle. By clicking on enquiring now; the application will be forwarded to the Head office.

Image 4 Frozen Bottle Franchise
Image 4 Frozen Bottle Franchise
Image 5 Frozen Bottle Franchise
Image 5 Frozen Bottle Franchise

A team from Frozen Bottle will analyse and discuss the details of the business and will also assess the applicant’s ability to run Franchise.

If the profile is found suitable and after successful completion of the due diligence process the applicant has to attend a meeting with Frozen Bottle Management at the corporate office in Bangalore for final selection.

Depending upon the applicant’s conviction about the project and Frozen Bottle assessment about applicant’s ability to successfully take it forward, an agreement would be signed between Frozen Bottle and applicant.