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Entrepreneurs Guide to Service Tax

Service Tax FAQs

Entrepreneurs Guide to Service Tax

In this edition of “Basics of Business”, Mr. S. Jaikumar, Advocate and Country Head of Swamy Associates reviews various concepts relating to service tax in India. Some of the concepts reviewed in this article include:

  • What is service tax?
  • What is the rate of service tax?
  • What is service tax exemption?
  • Am I liable to pay service tax once service tax registration is obtained?
  • Can a business be re-eligible for service tax exemption if taxable services dips below the exemption threshold?
  • What services are exempt from service tax?

Is service tax applicable on export of services?

What is service tax input credit?

Applicability of service tax on educational services

Common service tax compliance mistakes

How to handle a notice from the service tax department?

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