What is a DSC? How to use a Digital Signature Certificate?

Digitally Sign Documents: Benefits, Requirement, and How to use?

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Digitally Sign Documents; Benefits, Requirement, and How to use?

Digital Signature Certificate is issued by the certifying authorities for validating and certifying the identity for validating and certifying the identity of the person. The DSC establishes the digital identity of the person. A DSC contains information on the user’s name, PIN Code, email address, Issuance date, and the name of the certifying authority

What documents are required for obtaining a Digitally Signature Certificate?

 To obtain the digital Signature Certificate following documents are required:

  • PAN card of the applicant
  • Aadhar Card of the applicant
  • Passport size photograph of the applicant
  • Email Address (Unique)
  • Phone Number (Unique)

What is digitally signing a document?

Digitally signing a document places the encrypted with the document. Do not confuse the DSC with the Electronic signature.  A digital signature certificate is embedded in electronic documents, emails, and other digitally transmitted documents. These signatures provide and enhance security using encryption technology. Sensitive information such as the signature is encrypted, after verification, the sensitive information is decrypted and is made available. Both Digital and electronic signatures are created online and are used to sign the documents.

 How to use a Digital Sign the documents?

The Digital Signature Certificate is obtained in the E-pass token, you can use the DSC to sign the documents digitally:

Step 1: You can attach the USB E-Pass token to the USB Portal.

Step 2: A popup will appear asking for a password, type the password, Click on approve and you can use the DSC.

Benefits of getting a DSC

As DSC is used extensively, here is what you need to know about them:

Cost-effective- Earlier you had to sign the hard copy documents physically and scan them later. But with the Digital Signature Certificate, you can sign the PDF files and send them quickly. While conducting or authorizing a business a DSC holder is not required to be present physically.

On the click- As Signatures are in the virtual format the documents can be signed with one click, it saves a lot of time and is quicker and cheaper.

High Security- A digital signature certificate reduces the chances of fraud and alteration of the document. A DSC makes sure that the signature is verified.

Legal Validity- A digital Signatures Certificate also helps in creating the authenticity of the document which can be used in court as a shred of evidence.

Time-Saving- The whole process happens at the click of a button saving a lot of time. 

Uses of Digitally Signature Certificate 

The Digital Signature Certificate can be used for:

MCA e-filing, Income Tax e filing, LLP registration, GST application, IE Code registration, Form 16, e-tendering, Patent, and Trademark e filing, Custom e filing, e-procurement, e binding, e-Auction.

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