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Delhi Drivers License

Delhi Drivers License

Delhi Drivers License

Drivers license is a person’s pathway towards safe driving. Before obtaining a drivers license, a person must first obtain learners license. As the name suggests learners license is a temporary license which is issued to support and endorse vehicle training on public roads. The license is valid for a period of six months, after which the learner must initiate measures to either obtain a new license or renew the existing learner’s license. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining delhi drivers license in detail.

Types of Driving Licenses

Driving licenses are issued based on the type of vehicle a person wishes to drive, and the categories of the same include:

  • Motorcycles without gear
  • Motorcycles with gear
  • Light motor vehicles
  • Medium goods vehicle
  • Heavy goods vehicle
  • Heavy passenger vehicle
  • Medium passenger vehicle
  • Invalid carriage
  • Road roller
  • Rikshaw

Documents Required

  • Application for the grant of learner’s license – in Form 2
  • Application-cum-Declaration of physical fitness – in Form 1
  • Two recent copies of the passport size photograph
  • Valid Form 1A – meant for people aged above 40 and for the issue of transport vehicle licenses
  • Self-attested copy of the proof of residence
  • Self-attested copy of the age proof
  • Self-attested copy of the proof of citizenship
  • Self-attested copy of the proof of educational qualification – drivers of transport vehicles must have passed their eighth grade
  • Copy of effective light motor vehicle driving license held for at least one year – for transport vehicle’s learner’s license

All copies must be attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public.


  1. Learner’s license for motor vehicles without gear (with an engine capacity of 50cc or less) can be obtained by any person who has completed sixteen years of age with the consent of the respective parent/guardian.
  2. Learner’s license for light motor vehicles can be obtained at the age of 18.
  3. Driving license for commercial motor vehicles can be obtained at the age of 20 years provided the concerned individual has held a permanent Driving License for Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) for at least a year.

Application and License Fee

S. No Type of License Particulars of Fee Revised Fee
1 Learner’s license application for each class of vehicle

1.       One category (150+50+300)

2.       Two categories (300+50+600)

3.       Three categories (450+50+900)







2 Learner’s License Retest 50 50

Offline License – Procedure

Step 1- a license application form must be obtained by the applicant from the nearest RTO after the remittance of the requisite fee.

Step 2 – the application must be submitted after the specification of the essential details.

Step 3 – the applicant may book a slot for the learning license test after undergoing a physical examination. The test is meant to test the applicant’s knowledge of road rules and the like.

Step 4- in the assigned preliminary test, the applicant must obtain a minimum score of 12 out of 20, upon which the license is granted.

Online Application Procedure

Online applications could be processed through the website of the Delhi Government or the website of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. Here, we look at the procedure of obtaining the license through the latter:

Step 1 – the applicant may initiate the process by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Official Website
Official Website

Step 2 – from the “Online Services” drop-down menu, the option “Driving License Related Services” must be opted for.

Step 3 – in the Home page of ‘Licenses’, the respective state must be selected, which, in this case, is Delhi.

The License Home Page
The License Home Page

Step 4 – the left-hand side of the following page comprises of various licensing details. The applicant may choose the “New Learners License” option from the “Apply Online” drop-down menu.


Step 5 – the application will be successfully filed after completing the stages mentioned in the screenshot below.

Application Stages
Application Stages

Learner’s License – E-Rikshaw/E-Cart

E-rickshaws/E-cart drivers may obtain their licenses after appearing for an oral-based preliminary test with the licensing authority of the respective jurisdiction. The test includes objective type questions with respect to matters specified in Rule-11 of CMVR that deals with the E-rickshaw learner’s licenses. The following documents must be furnished for this purpose:

  • Application in Form 1 (which includes the declaration of physical fitness)
  • Medical certificate – in Form 1A
  • Application for Grant of Learner’s License – In Form 2
  • Self-attested proof of residence
  • Self-attested age proof
  • Appropriate fee as prescribed in Rule-32 of CMVR, 1989

Duplicate Learner’s License

A learner’s license holder may apply for a duplicate copy of the same if the one issued initially has been lost or damaged. For this purpose, the holders of the learner’s license must acquire an LLD form, which must be duly filled and submitted to the respective RTO.

After filing the application, the applicant would be required to appear before the respective RTO with copies of the original documents. The duplicate license is issued after verifying the submitted documents.

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