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Delhi Road Tax

Delhi Road Tax

Delhi Road Tax

Road taxes are levied by the Indian Government in order to maintain the country’s state highway and national highway. The collected funds are used to improve road infrastructure and help the commuters. In addition to this, road taxes ensure that road safety and security is maintained. In this article, we look at the Delhi road tax in detail.

Calculation of Road Tax in Delhi

Road taxes in Delhi are calculated based on factors such as the type of vehicle (two wheelers or four wheelers and the purpose of use such as personal or transportation of goods. Moreover, the making, model, seating capacity, engine capacity are also taken into consideration. According to Section 3 of the Delhi Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1962, all vehicle owners are required to pay road tax at the time of registration.

Tax for Two Wheelers in Delhi

Given below are the taxation for the two-wheelers in Delhi.

Type of Passenger Vehicles                            Applicable Tax
Motorcycle below 50 cc (Mopeds, Auto Cycles)                               Rs. 650.00
Motor Cycles and Scooters above 50 cc Rs. 1,220.00
Tri-Cycles Rs. 1,525.00
Motor Cycle with sewing trailer Rs. 1,525.00 + Rs. 465.00

Tax for Four Wheelers in Delhi

The road tax for four wheelers in Delhi is estimated on the making, model. seating capacity, age and other factors. Given below is the road tax on cars and other four-wheeler vehicles in Delhi.

Type of Passenger Vehicles Applicable Tax
Motor Cars below 1000 kg Rs. 3,815.00
Motor Cars above 1000 kg but does not exceed 1500 kg. Rs. 4,880.00
Motor Car exceed than 1500 kg. but does not exceed 2000 kg. Rs. 7,020.00
Motor Car more than 2000 kg. Rs. 7,020.00 +Rs. 4570.00 + at 2000.00 for every 1000kg additional.

Road Tax for Goods Vehicles in Delhi

The loading capacity of Goods vehicles Applicable Road Tax
Vehicles that are not above 1 Tonne Rs. 665.00
Exceeds 1 Tonne but not above 2 Tonne Rs. 940.00
Exceeds 2 Tonne but not above 4 Tonne Rs. 1,430.00
Exceeds 4 Tonne but not above 6 Tonne Rs. 1,915.00
Exceeds 6 Tonne but not above 8 Tonne Rs. 2,375.00
Exceeds 8 Tonne but not above 9 Tonne Rs. 2,865.00
Exceeds 9 Tonne but not above 10 Tonne Rs. 3,320.00
More than 10 Tonne Rs. 3,320.00+ at Rs. 470 per Tonne

Taxation for Inter-State Vehicle Transfer

There is no necessity for vehicle owners to pay road tax to transfer vehicles from one state to another to get a new registration number only when all the state governments implement a recommendation of s group of state transport ministers (GoM). This is applicable to vehicles that are more than two years old or where the difference in tax rate between the two states is less than 2%.

Payment of Road Tax in Delhi

For private vehicles in Delhi, it is a one-time payment by which the vehicle owners have to deposit the tax at the time of registration at Delhi Zonal Registration office.